2019 Cruise (June)



Alaska Cruise -  Holland America Cruise Lines

Rhein Main Members are welcome to go along and celebrate Stan's "60th" birthday and enjoy the friendship of other Enrouters and Rhein Mainers, that choose to also go along.

At this time, this will not be an actual Rhein Main Reunion, unless someone wants to be the Reunion Host.  We can gather and celebrate like a reunion, but with no formal reunion schedules.

Stan Miller will be celebrating his birthday and will be letting Holland America Cruise Lines take care of him for a change, instead of being the Reunion Host.

Anyone wanting to Host the 2019 Rhein Main Air Base Reunion Cruise, please let Stan know.
Note: Anyone wanting to host the reunion, the majority of the work is already done for you.
All you would need to do is to organize and lead the group.

Depending which cabin folks choose, you are looking at an average
of $5000 for 2 people. (Any hotels, excursions and airfare would be extra)
Approximately: $1650 pp -- but when you add the amenities, taxes, gratituties, it all adds up.
*** You can obtain cheaper or more expensive cabins.

June 2, 2019   Ship: Sails from Seattle

June 9, 2019   Ship  Returns to Seattle

Holland America Cruise Lines

June 1, 2019
7:00pm Meet in Seattle at our hotel (TBD) for a Pre-Cruise Departure Party
-- More information forthcoming on this.

Sun Jun 2 Seattle, WA 
Sun Jun 2 Puget Sound (Cruising) 

Mon Jun 3 At Sea 

Tue Jun 4 Stephens Passage, AK (Cruising) 
Tue Jun 4 Juneau, AK 
1:00pm 9:00pm

Wed Jun 5 Hubbard Glacier, AK (Cruising) 
2:00pm 6:00pm

Thu Jun 6 Sitka, AK 
8:00am 4:00pm

Fri Jun 7 Ketchikan, AK 
7:00am 1:00pm

Sat Jun 8 Victoria, BC, Canada 
6:00pm 11:30pm

Sun Jun 9 Seattle, WA 
7:00am Arrival 

For information on this cruise, visit the following website.
Left side of page: Find A Bargain
** FASTDEAL Lookup --- # 21034

--- Stan Miller / Deb Murphy
--- Carole Lail may be going, not sure yet
--- An Enroute Couple from Washington (I'm awaiting their permission to post their names)
--- Possible Couple from Virginia Beach (awaiting their confirmation)
--- Possible Couple from Wisconsin (awaiting their confirmation)

If you are truly interested in going on this cruise, contact Stan Miller, for additional details, to include additional discounts available and recommended Travel Agent.
Stan Miller -- stansvets@gmail.com