Colonel Gail Halvorsen
Happy Birthday --- 100 years young.
The changes that you have seen in your life.
The 435th OMS Enroute Maintenance Reunion Group wish you a very Happy Birthday.


The Candy Bomber.
Rhein Main Enrouters


May 8, 2019

Col Halvorsen (Gail) is on his way to Berlin for the 70th Anniversary of the successful end of the Berlin Airlift...the spirit of the Candy Bomber is alive and well! Here’s Gail with Denise and Marilyn in the Salt Lake City International Airport to begin the journey to Berlin. He’ll be there for about a week. Stay tuned here to follow Gail’s adventure to commemorate the conclusion of Operation Little Vittles.

On behalf of the 435th OMS Reunion Group,
I invited the Halvorsen's to attend our 2019 Enroute Reunion being held in Gatlinburg, TN.
Unfortunately, they will not be able to attend due to a prior committment in Washington DC.

I had the honor and privilege to speak to both Col Halvorsen and his daughter Denise last year, during our 2018 Reunion that I hosted in Helen, GA.
Several members were present in our hospitality room and were able to hear Col Halvorsen speak to us and he wished our group, the very best.

Truly an HONOR speaking with this outstanding man.
Colonel Gail Halvorsen, (An American Legend / Hero) -- AKA - The Candy Bomber.

Berlin Airlift - Spirit of Freedom  C-54 -- Very Interesting Aircraft

Stan Miller - 435th OMS Enroute MX Reunion Group - President / Webmaster


Berlin is gearing up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.




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USAF Colonel Gail Seymour "Hal" Halvorsen (The Candy Bomber) was awarded The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

The US Air Force C-54 Skymaster airplane was made famous for humanitarian flights during the Berlin Airlift by US Air Force Colonel Gail Seymour "Hal" Halvorsen (born October 10, 1920, Salt Lake City, UT). He is best known as the "Berlin Candy Bomber" or "Uncle Wiggly Wings" who dropped candy to children during the Berlin airlift from 1948 to 1949. Over the next 25 years Halvorsen advocated for and performed candy drops in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Japan, Guam, and Iraq. He also became the commanding officer of Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, Germany.

His Battles/wars: World War II; Berlin Airlift

His Movies: Meet the Mormons

His Books: The Berlin Candy Bomber, The Candy Bomber: Untold Stories from the Berlin Airlift's Uncle Wiggly Wings

His Awards: Congressional Gold Medal, Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Douglas C-54 SKYMASTER United States Air Force first day cover with a postmark from Fort Lauderdale, FL dated February 9, 2018. Blue photo the C-54 aircraft during Berlin Airlift on cachet #8507 by Alvin Eckert USCS #9964. Cover was prepared on a ungummed, archive quality envelope.


Cover franked with 32 cent Berlin Airlift stamp and 50 cent flag stamp (FDOI).

Cover with a DIY matte and 5x7 frame, makes a fine gift!

C-54 Skymaster: In 1948 and 1949, 225 of this aircraft delivered food and coal to the citizens of West Berlin for 15 months. This was after the Russians closed off all the roads and rail tracks into the city. It was one of the US Air Force's finest hours! It was reported that the air crews threw candy to the children near the runway.