These websites

 are SUPERB in finding ENROUTERS 


If you can help locate or let us know how to contact,

any fellow ENROUTERs, your assistance would be very grateful!

Trying to find more ENROUTERS


     BUDDY LOCATOR USAF    (Paid site)        (Paid site)  (Paid site)

Air Force World Wide Locator -- below

FOLKS, the following website is a non-official USAF locator service, an awesome website and has allot of Air Force people listed on his website. For $10 annual fee, you get unlimited searches.


Where are the rest of our Enrouters

Your help is needed to find them so they can join the fun



Thursday evening at the reunion


how to find Enrouters on the Internet


If you are looking for Mario J Sevilla,  first go to

Once you have filled in the necessary name blanks, hit search.

Note: Also try searching with full name, with and without middle initial.

Once the list of names comes up, look at the ages, birthyears, family names, possible Air Force Bases, towns with military bases in them. I.E. Charleston, SC, Dover DE.

Normally, you can get a pretty good search.

Then go to,,,   and put in the persons name, and possibly the state you saw on these websites, and normally you will get the persons address and phone number.

Chances are, you will find the person you are looking for.

If you don't know the persons middle initial, you can sometimes go to and look under the buddy finder for the middle initial. (Must register, but free site)

The other websites I have listed, are usually pretty good at finding people.

With a little bit of practice, you can usually find just about anyone you are looking for.


Looking for old military friends
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