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Profile Updated: September 12, 2009
Residing In: Valdosta, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Aleida Walcott
Children: Kimberly born 1974
Charisse born 1976
Keith Jr. born 1979
Tye born 1982
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Year Arrived Rhein Main:

1982 1989

Year Departed Rhein Main:

1985 1994

Flight or Section Assigned. If you were part of the 362nd MXS, 626 AMSS, and/or 726th AMS, 630th MASS, please also list.

Weapons System Controller

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I truly appreciate this reaching out. I also appreciate the existance of this site which allows us old timers to do so. I'm doing pretty good. When I retired after 21 years of service (1997) at Moody AFB GA I went to work for the Defense Contractor Raytheon Aerospace and stayed with them until I was laid off (Sept. 2008). Through the years things were great with the exception of my wife now of 35 years. She is sick with diabetes & Sarcoidoisis and getting worse. She is insulin dependant and had several bouts with ailments as a result. The good news is that were still both here on Gods earth. Once I signed up on this site initially I just forgot about even with the messages but I don't want it to go away so here I am. Some good news my oldest daughter and here fiance' live in NYC and besides her everyday job they are attempting to launch a Hip-Hop magazine "Celebrity Report". My middle daughter graduated from Notre Dame and has been working at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC (Atlanta GA). She actually earned an academic scholarship to attend The University of Notre Dame while at Frankfurt American High School,and my youngest Son got his masters degree in Psychology and has a position as a Licensed Therapist. He is currently working on his PHD while he practices in Savannah GA. We are truly blessed. September 11, 2009 I actually got hired as an "Equipment Specialist/C-130 Analyst and I start Monday Sept. 21, 2009. That is it in a nut-shell. I will do better about maintaining my current status regarding this site and the friends and ex-coworkers that utilize it.

Your favorite Rhein Main Story:

While working my board at Job-Control and you have to imagine how hectic it got especially during the wee hours of the morning. We had the MC-130 we had th 05th which flew the corridor we also had C-130E that all had critical windows they had to meet some regarding tanker hook-up. On this particular morning we had to launch a C-5 MAC Mission carrying Patriot Missle Launchers and it could not be late. If there were any signs indicating then we were to have the back up but there was none we were at a point of no return. This mission was imoportant enough that radio transmissions were being monitored by Colonel Peirola. It seems that the refuel team after refueling the ACFT decided to go get a quik bite at the snack-bar. Upon return they could not locate the "JP-4 Gas-Credit Card". Mind you this is way before we had the ability to reproduce those things at will. Pro-Super the Refuel Team and all involved did what they could do to locate the Credit Card. Colonel showed up on the scene at the C-5 in question. He was furious and quite taken aback that the Credit Card was missing and the mission was going to be delayed as a result. He then asked one of the members of the refuel team where they thought the credit card was. The reply was that it blew away. Colonel promptly reached in his back pocket pulled out his wallet displayed his credit card to all in sight, threw it up in the air, it fell back to the ground, he picked up his Credit Card and promptly addressed the Pro-Super on Duty and told him he wanted the Credit Card in question found immediately. Just in case I want it clear that his demonstration proved that the Credit Card in question could not have simply blown away. The person who answered the question had egg on their face. I don't recall any of the names involved.

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Keith Walcott has a birthday today.
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Keith Walcott has a birthday today.
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Keith Walcott has a birthday today.
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Keith Walcott has a birthday today.
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Keith Walcott has a birthday today.
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