Benny H. (Colonel) Fioritto

Residing In: Bristol, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Jacqueline F Fioritto
Year Arrived Rhein Main:

1975 ?

Year Departed Rhein Main:

1979 ?

Flight or Section Assigned. If you were part of the 362nd MXS, 626 AMSS, and/or 726th AMS, 630th MASS, please also list.



I spoke with Col Benny Fioritto's wife on 1 June 12 and she informed me, Col Fioritto has intense health problems and is bed ridden. Please keep Col Fioritto in your prayers.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Col Fioritto, but I have only heard high praises about him and Col Ted Clay.

Col Fioritto was the Asst. DCM and Col Ted Clay was the DCM in the mid to late 1970s.

Stan Miller, Webmaster