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You can support our work in many ways so do please think of us when you want to run a sponsored marathon, grow a beard or walk to Lands End.

All contributions, however small, help our work to continue. Our sponsors include local authorities, primary care trusts, businesses, charities and individuals. We make every penny work. We focus on direct services and keep administration costs to a minimum.


 If you would like to support this our programe please click the Donate button below. Donations can be made by your mobile phone and PayPal, or with a regular credit card.


Young people are involved in all aspects of running the club, including fundraising.

To find out how you can help Young Peoples Attitude Club please email us or call us on +234-902-111-7444.





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Dearly beloved,

I am delighted to warmly welcome you to our homepage. You have come to the right place at the right time. Here, we are very passionate about your transformation and committed to your spiritual welfare. “I started the Young peoples Attitude Club (YPAC Foundation) because I wanted to help. Most of all help people to help themselves. I always believed that if we started with the youth then we would be planting the seeds for our future to blossom. Give the youth a sense of hope, self-esteem, and love that will better the world…I think making a difference in the lives of others is life’s greatest purpose. I walk this path with faith knowing that the YPAC Foundation will Change the World.”

This is a website that has a lot to offer you – with unlimited access to life-transforming, systematic and expository teachings and resources specifically tailored to meet your needs; and add value to your life.

Our vision is to engage, empower and transform the young people in Nigeria and World @ large

We engage young people by getting them involved in constructive activities at our campus clubs.

We hope that through this process we will see the young people transform their lives, whether that is by discovering the Christian faith, increasing their educational attainment, turning away from crime and anti-social behaviour, living more healthily, contributing to their community or simply having a positive relationships with peers and adults.

We help them to do this by providing projects and activities where they can:

• be accepted and find meaning and purpose for their lives

• explore and develop potential, abilities and skills through informal learning

• find constructive things to achieve and develop positive attitudes and behaviour

• obtain information, awareness and understanding of themselves and others

• be assisted to implement their own ideas or projects, and make a positive contribution

• learn from experience, from each other and from staff and volunteers

The YPAC CAMPUS Club offers  recreate activities, group work and one to one mentoring, street and schools outreach, youth action and projects across a wide range of interests including sport and the arts. We work with young people at their own pace, starting 'where they are', with a welcoming, safe, reliable, flexible and holistic approach

As you continue to explore and enjoy the riches of grace uncovered through our numerous materials and online resources, may the LORD continue to richly bless you (Amen).

     – Ambassador Opara Prince C.