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Shalom fellow Pilgrims!

How profound was our journey together! How intimately we got to know each other! How blessed we were to store up and share such special memories of our time together in the Holy Land!

We've established this site in order to capture some of the memories we shared - and to promote ongoing interaction between the Saints who made up the tour party. This will only be a useful tool to help us to achieve this end if we work together to bring it alive. Add a photo and some details to your profile on here and then upload any photos you took to the relevant Photo Galleries. Please add captions to each photo indicating the folks' names and places where the photos were taken.

We've created a special page to accommodate Aussie's Tour Blog (to follow shortly) - which helps to make sense of what was a kaleidoscope of deep and meaningful experiences. We've also got a special page where you can post any videos you took on tour.

The template for our website is provided by ClassCreator.com. They don't charge anything for this service as long as we accept advertising messages appearing on our site. We would have to pay a subscription to remove the advertising. You will NOT receive spam from advertisers - as they have no access to your contact details.

If you have any suggestions on how we can enhance our website - please let us know - and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

Thanks for your participation.



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•   Caryl Gerza  20/6
•   Judy Morrison  16/6
•   Austen Gibbs  13/6
•   Brenda Pather (Pather)  2/6
•   Ursula Baker  15/5
•   Neil Freimond  11/5
•   Cedric Parker  11/5
•   Felicity Aldred (Parker)  11/5
•   Kelvin Caldwell  11/5



Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Eastern Cape
1 lives in Gauteng
10 live in KwaZulu-Natal


None in the next 30 days.