Congratulations to Peter Zakas, who won the drawing for the courtyard brick raffled off at the Grady High School reunion last weekend.  Although you didn’t win a brick, we encourage you and your friends to put your names in the Grady courtyard. Create your own “class corner” and come over often to see it at Grady. Here’s the link to the “bricks” webpage if you’re interested in purchasing a brick, or if you just want to see pictures of the courtyard and the bricks:
We appreciate your sharing your e-mail address with the Foundation.  Our goal is to create a Grady alumni network and help keep alumni informed about the many wonderful things happening at Grady every day. You’ll be getting an e-mail soon announcing the launch of the new Grady High School Foundation website, which we hope you will visit for updates on what’s happening at Grady now, as well as news about other Grey Knight alumni.
For over twenty years the Grady Foundation has been a financial resource for Grady High School, helping to further educational and extra-curricular activities. The Writing Center is a major project supported by GHSF; it has impacted hundreds of students who either needed help with their written communication skills or wanted to expand their creativity through writing plays, comic books, and/or poetry. It also is a critical resource for helping students craft their college application essays.
There are many other areas needing support from the Foundation: the visual and performing arts programs, debate and mock trial transportation needs, and the College and Career Center, to identify just a few. The Foundation is dependent on the generosity of our alumni and the broader Grady community to secure funding for these programs, and we hope we can call on you in the future for support.
Congratulations on an amazing reunion. We were so impressed with your spirit, energy and, most of all, your love for Grady High School.

Carolyn Wood  and

 Barbara Feinberg


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