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William Algee (Mr. William B. Algee '68)
Curtis Anderson (Curtis E. Anderson, …)
Joseph Bias (Rev. Joseph A. Bias '68)
Sanford Bishop (The Hon. Sanford D. B…)
J. Carl Bowman (Mr. J. Carl E. Bowman…)
Robert Boyd (Mr. Robert A. Boyd '68)
Reid Brookins (Reid A. Brookins I…)  
William Brooks (William Bernard B…)  
Zack Brown (Mr. Zack B. Brown '68)
Horace Butler (Mr. Horace N. Butler '68)
William Cain (Mr. William H. Cain III…)
Eugene Campbell (Mr. Eugene W. Campbe…)
Alfonso Campbell, Jr (Dr. Alfon…)   
Douglas Cloud (Mr. Douglas D. Cloud '68)
John Cochran (Mr. John O. Cochran, Jr…)
Walter Cole (Walter L Cole)  
Leon Collins (Mr. Leon F. C…)    
Freddie Cook (Freddie Cook '68)
Bernard Cooke (Dr. Bernard M. Cooke, …)
Harold Cordy (Mr. Harold D. Cor…)   
Curtis Crawford (Mr. Curtis C. Crawfo…)
Walter Dallas (Mr. Walter Dallas '68)
John Davis (Mr. John E. Davis '68)
John Dendy (John B. Dendy '68)  
William Dendy (Mr. William B. Dendy '68)
Robert Derden (Dr. Robert H. Derden '68)
Augustus Dickinson (Augustus Dick…)  
Zebulon John D Ellis (Rev. Zebulon…)  
Max Fairweather    
Keffus Falls (Mr. Keffus S. Falls, Jr…)
Alfred Fenner (Alfred R. Fenner '68)  
Harold Ferrel (Mr. Harold E. Ferrel '68)
Oliver Franklin (Mr. Oliver W. Frankl…)
Ronald Garcia (Ronald Garcia '68)  
Howard Gary (Howard V. Gary '68)  
Marshall Grigsby (Dr. Marshall C. Gri…)
Joe Grissom (Mr. Joe N. Grissom '68)
Richard Hackney (Mr. Richard C. Hackn…)
Clayton Harleston (Mr. Clayton L. Har…)
Michael Harris   
Michael Hart (Michael W. Hart '68)  
Harold Henderson (Harold Henderson '68)
William Hodge (William H. Hodge '68)
Miekel Hollowell (Mr. Miekel L. Hollo…)
William Holt (Mr. William A. Holt '68)
John Houser (Dr. John W. Houser III '68)
M William Howard (Dr. M William Howar…)
Wellington Howard (Mr. Wellington C. …)
Richard Hudlin (Richard Hudlin '68)  
Allen Jackson    
Arthur Johnson (Mr. Arthur E. Johnson…)
Ronald Johnson (Ronald E. Johnson '68)
Dr. Edward Jonas, Jr. (Jonas, Jr. )   
William Jones (Mr. William T. J…)   
Terrance Kyle (Mr. Terrance J. Kyle '68)
Robert LaPrince (Robert LaPrince '68)  
Malachi Lawrence (Malachi Lawrence, J…)
Kaijer Lee (Kaijer Lee, Jr. '68)
Oscar Leonard (Mr. Oscar Leonard '68)
Harold Ligon (Mr. Harold Ligon, Jr. '68)
Michael Lomax (Dr. Michael L. Lomax '68)
Merritt Long (Mr. Merritt Long '68)
Samuel Ralph Martin Jr (Mr. Sam…)   
Walter Mason (Mr. Walter Mason '68)
Lazarus McDaniel (Lazarus J. McDaniel…)
Calvin McLarin (Dr. Calvin W. McLarin…)
Gabriel Meadows (Mr. Gabriel Meadows '68)
Eugene Miller (Mr. Eugene C. Miller '68)
Richard Minter (Richard A. Minter '68)
Harvey Myers (Mr. Harvey N. Myers '68)
William Nix (Mr. William Ma…)    
James Patterson (James G. Patterson '68)
Richard Pointer (Dr. Richard H. Point…)
Thomas Portis (Mr. Thomas Portis '68)
Jerry Powell (Jerry L. Powell, Jr…)  
Oliver Powell (Mr. Oliver Powell, Jr. …)
William Price (Mr. William D. Price '68)
Isaac Ravizee (Dr. Isaac C. Ravizee, …)
Walter Ricks (Mr. Walter E. Ricks III…)
Skip Rosemont (Dr. Skip Rosemont '68)
John Ross (Dr. John W. Ross '68)
Thomas Sampson (Thomas G. Sampson, Es…)
Marion Sanders (Mr. Marion T. Sanders…)
Curtis Sharif (Mr. Curtis S. Sharif, …)
Michael Sheftall (Michael Sheftall '68)
Bryce Smith (Bryce Smith '68)
John Soares (John P. Soares '68)
Charles Stafford (Mr. Charles T. Staf…)
Ellis Sykes (Dr. Ellis E. Sykes, Jr. '68)
Clayton Taylor (Rev. Clayton E. Taylo…)
Harold Taylor (Harold L. Taylor '68)  
Nelson Taylor (Atty. Nelson D. Taylor…)
William Taylor (William R. Taylor III…)
Paul Toomer (Dr. Paul H. Toomer '68)
Michael Towns (Michael L. Towns '68)  
Dennis Turner (Dr. Dennis Turner, Jr. …)
James Tyler (James Tyler '68)
Willie Vann (Dr. Willie F. Vann '68)
LaMonte Vaughn (Mr. LaMonte P. Vaughn…)
Vernon Vereen (Vereen)   
Ellis Wade (Rev. Ellis C. Wade '68)
Gary Walker (Gary S. Walker '68)  
Dave Ward (Mr. Dave R. Ward '68)
Richard Watson (Mr. Richard…)    
Herbert Wheeler (Mr. Herber…)    
Gregory Williams (Gregory A. Williams…)
Samuel Williams (Samuel G. Williams '68)
Alex Wright (Mr. Alex Wright III '68)
Stephen Wright (Stephen J. Wright…)  
William Wyche (William Wyche '68)  
Labat Yancey (Mr. Labat Yancey '68)

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