Missing Classmates

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William Algee (Mr. William B. Algee '68)
Curtis Anderson (Curtis E. Anderson, …)
Joseph Bias (Rev. Joseph A. Bias '68)
J. Carl Bowman (Mr. J. Carl E. Bowman…)
Robert Boyd (Mr. Robert A. Boyd '68)
Zack Brown (Mr. Zack B. Brown '68)
William Cain (Mr. William H. Cain III…)
Eugene Campbell (Mr. Eugene W. Campbe…)
John Cochran (Mr. John O. Cochran, Jr…)
Freddie Cook (Freddie Cook '68)
Bernard Cooke (Dr. Bernard M. Cooke, …)
John Davis (Mr. John E. Davis '68)
William Dendy (Mr. William B. Dendy '68)
Robert Derden (Dr. Robert H. Derden '68)
Maxwell Fairweather (Maxwell Fairweat…)
Harold Ferrel (Mr. Harold E. Ferrel '68)
Oliver Franklin (Mr. Oliver W. Frankl…)
Harold Henderson (Harold Henderson '68)
Arthur Johnson (Mr. Arthur E. Johnson…)
Ronald Johnson (Ronald E. Johnson '68)
William Jones (Mr. William T. Jones '68)
Terrance Kyle (Mr. Terrance J. Kyle '68)
Malachi Lawrence (Malachi Lawrence, J…)
Kaijer Lee (Kaijer Lee, Jr. '68)
Michael Lomax (Dr. Michael L. Lomax '68)
Merritt Long (Mr. Merritt Long '68)
Walter Mason (Mr. Walter Mason '68)
Lazarus McDaniel (Lazarus J. McDaniel…)
Calvin McLarin (Dr. Calvin W. McLarin…)
Gabriel Meadows (Mr. Gabriel Meadows '68)
Eugene Miller (Mr. Eugene C. Miller '68)
Richard Minter (Richard A. Minter '68)
James Patterson (James G. Patterson '68)
Thomas Portis (Mr. Thomas Portis '68)
Oliver Powell (Mr. Oliver Powell, Jr. …)
William Price (Mr. William D. Price '68)
Walter Ricks (Mr. Walter E. Ricks III…)
Skip Rosemont (Dr. Skip Rosemont '68)
John Ross (Dr. John W. Ross '68)
Marion Sanders (Mr. Marion T. Sanders…)
Michael Sheftall (Michael Sheftall '68)
Bryce Smith (Bryce Smith '68)
Charles Stafford (Mr. Charles T. Staf…)
Clayton Taylor (Rev. Clayton E. Taylo…)
Nelson Taylor (Atty. Nelson D. Taylor…)
William Taylor (William R. Taylor III…)
James Tyler (James Tyler '68)
Ellis Wade (Rev. Ellis C. Wade '68)
Dave Ward (Mr. Dave R. Ward '68)
Richard Watson (Mr. Richard E. Watson…)
Gregory Williams (Gregory A. Williams…)
Samuel Williams (Samuel G. Williams '68)
Alex Wright (Mr. Alex Wright III '68)