Old Auburn High Schools

West High School was built in 1940 at a cost of $800,00. It was covered by a grant of $360,000 and the city was kicking in $440,000.  The house that was originally where  West High was located today was bult in 1894 for Nelson Beardsley, who was considered the wealthiest man in Auburn at that time.  He later became the president of Cayuga National Bank and owne 60 farms within the county.

In 1970, West became a Middle School when Auburn Hish School opened. West High was a "second home" to many of us and provided so many great memories over the years. The school not only produced so many great athletes, but also turned out so many great people in every walk of life, whether it be five star generals, state politicians, great doctors ot just great folks who had marched through West High's halls before going on the make great contributions.


Central High School was built in 1940 at a cost of $415,000, today is Health Central Building.











East High School was built in 1933 on Franklin Street at a cost of over $700,000.  Today it is Auburn Junior High School.