Schoolmate Profiles (1983)

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Irmagard Anchang (Langmia)  
Angeline Ndah Angeline Ndah (Ek…)   
Scholastica Awasum  
Benadette Mundi Benadette Mundi
Catherine Tita Catherine Tita
Collette Chinje Collette Chinje
Lillian Galabe   
Helen Tamin Helen Tamin
Hilda Ngwa Hilda Ngwa
Immaculate Azah Immaculate Azah
Irene Ambe Irene Ambe (Nguni)   
Joan Frumbee Joan Frumbee (Tala)   
Judith Mbuh Judith Mbuh
Juliette Chila Juliette Chila
Kate Shey (H) Kate Shey (H)
Kusia Bridget Kusia Bridget
Kusia Joan Kusia Joan
Lilian Nukuna Lilian Nukuna
Lilian Takwa Lilian Takwa
Linda Awasom Linda Awasom
Magarete Nsom Magarete Nsom
Matilda Langason Matilda Langason
Matilda Nyamyele Matilda Nyamyele
Nene Elonge Nene Elonge
Bridget Ngwa  
Bertha Meyof Njikam
MariAnne Nkamsi   
Stella Oben (Mbi)  
Pamela Wangia Pamela Wangia
Patrica Mbunwe Patrica Mbunwe
Perpetua Agar Perpetua Agar
Quinta Edang Quinta Edang
Relindis Mbang Relindis Mbang
Relindis Mbuy Relindis Mbuy
Rose Angwafor Rose Angwafor
Susan Mancho Susan Mancho
Teodora Nche Teodora Nche
Una Ndenge Una Ndenge
Vivian Awung Vivian Awung (Folefac)   

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