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01/18/09 10:57 AM #1    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

Welcome to the Millard Prep School Classes Of 1962 - 1981 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/03/10 05:26 PM #2    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

There were approximately 75 of us in the summer of 1972. Teachers:  Ernie Wohleb-Math , Esther Millard-English, Caldwell (Canadian Military, Retired)-Phys Ed; Nightwatchman-semi-pro baseball player

Greg Brunson

John Rankin

Mike Craigie (USMA)

Eric Jonsson

John Bloom (USAFA)

TC Jones (USAFA)

Dale Cafferata (USAFA)

Mark Tunis (USAFA)

Don? Briggs

Dawson Davis

Randy Meintz (USCGA)

Peter Blake (USMMA)

Stanley Clark (son of POW)

Robert “Bob” Ryan (USAFA)


 courtesy of Garry Sheppard



11/03/10 05:30 PM #3    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

Interesting factiod Tom Hauser in his web searches on Millard.


Compiled by
Albert Rosales

Albert Rosales

Humanoid Reports 1967. At the height of the "Age of Aquarius" 1967 was 
indeed a memorable year, a sampling of things to come. An 
unprecedented "wave" enveloped the US and Canada, mysterious 
characters were walking among us. So-called "Men in Black" reports 
were frequent and bizarre. A reported abduction of one "Betty 
Andreasson" in late January opened the gates to a much deeper mystery. 
The files for 1967 are thick and strange. High strangeness reports 
were distributed worldwide not too many places were spared. Following 
is a list of reported humanoid encounters for 1967.

"We come from a dying planet..."

Location. New South Wales, Australia, exact location not given
Date: 1967
Time: unknown
The witness recalled, partly under hypnosis, being abducted by several 
short beings with large eyes, a slit like mouth, small nose, no ears, 
and huge heads. They wore elastic style body suits and seemed to glide 
above the floor. The beings communicated telepathically, informing the 
witness that they had come from a dying planet and that they were 
having difficulty in their reproduction. She was later examined and 
something resembling a long thin needle was inserted into her left 
ear. Onboard the object she met a being that apparently attempted to 
camouflage himself as tall and handsome & man like. She also saw a 
group of old men who resembled a group of Greek philosophers.

HC addition # 2024
Source: Keith Basterfield
Type: G

Location. Bandon Oregon
Date: February 13 1967
Time: 2220
Esther I Millard, director of the Millard School, was returning to her 
home on the school grounds after her dog when she saw an object "the 
size of a small room," 8 feet wide by 12 feet high, shaped somewhat 
like a blender with a very brilliant orange light at the bottom, 
hovering at an altitude of about 50 feet over one of the school 
buildings. A number of students were hanging out the windows of a 
nearby dormitory shouting, "UFO, UFO!" The object moved toward her 
rapidly, and she could see it was occupied by "a vertical shape of 
some kind" that 'could have been a person;" the "shape" was seen 
through the transparent structure above the light. Half a dozen of the 
students had by now rushed out of the dormitory to see it. The object 
moved slowly westward towards the gymnasium building, seeming to land 
on the roof; it then took off toward the trees on the lakeshore and 
was lost to view.

Humcat 1967-16
Source: June Lars for Nicap & Lt. Kurt Kenya USAF
Type: A

11/03/10 05:31 PM #4    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

Garry Sheppard recommends if you go back to Bandon to visit, stay at the  Best Western at Face Rock.  Ask for the Storm Watcher special. 

11/03/10 05:33 PM #5    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

Another Tom Hauser web search result:

Last night I found one classmate, George Peyton Cole, jr. who went to 
AFA and became a 3 star.  He passed away in Tucson about 3 years ago 
according to his obit.

I live in Park City, UT and about 12 of my neighbors fly for Delta.  
Most went to AFA.  I am in San Francisco right now but will return to 
Planet Utah on Wednesday.  I'll send you their names and maybe you 
know some.


Stevin Hoover

Infobox Criminal

subject_name = Stevin Ray Hoover
date_of_birth = birth date and age|1948|10|10
place_of_birth = Franklin, Pennsylvania
date_of_death =
place_of_death =
charge = Securities violation (white collar crime)
penalty = 18 month federal prison sentence
status = Completed federal sentence and supervised release April, 2007
occupation =
spouse = Twice Divorced
parents =
children = One daughter

Stevin Ray Hoover (born October 10, 1948) is a former investment 
manager whose reputation [Best of the Best by Peter Lynch WORTH 
Magazine March 1998 pp. 66-74] as a registered investment advisor was 
tarnished by an investigation conducted by the United States 
Securities and Exchange Commission that led to an 18-month prison 
sentence in 2003. [] In 
1989, he founded Hoover Capital Management, Inc., a Boston-based 
investment management firm where he was CEO from 1989 to 2002. He also 
founded and ran the Chestnut Fund LP.


Early years

Stevin Hoover was born in 1948 in Franklin, Pennsylvania, (population 
7,300) located in Venango County 
[] in northwestern 
Pennsylvania. He lived in Franklin until 1966, when he left for the 
Millard School, a preparatory school 
[] located in Bandon, 


Hoover attended [ Franklin Area 
High School] in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the Millard School in 
Bandon, Oregon, which prepared him for entering the United States Air 
Force Academy, where he was a cadet from 1967 to 1969. He graduated 
from the University of Texas at Austin, where he received his BA in 
1972 with concentrations in the classics and philosophy [University of 
Texas at Austin transcripts (512) 475-7689] . Between 1973 and 1975, 
he studied German philosophy and language at the Universitaet Hamburg. 
He attended Boston University School of Management, where he received 
his MBA in 1990.


Hoover practiced an investment approach best described as 
MANAGEMENT, As Expressed In Stevin R. Hoover's MEMOS TO CLIENTS from 
May 1988 to January 1996] [WORTH Magazine, March 1998; "Best of the 
Best" by Peter Lynch, pp. 66-74] [Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, 
March 31, 1999. Heard In New England, "Buffett Dips Into MGI Again, 
But Now Some Pros Like His Idea."] [WORTH Magazine, February 1999; 
"Peter Lynch & Company" by Peter Lynch, pp. 82-92.] [WORTH Magazine, 
April 2000; "14 Hot Stocks From Peter Lynch and Friends" by Peter 
Lynch, pp.117-129.] [Securities and Exchange Commission Form ADV, 
Hoover Capital Management, Inc] [Company Updates, Hoover Capital 
Management Inc., February 1999, 67 pages.]

Before launching Hoover Capital Management in 1989, Hoover spent four 
years as a stockbroker in Germany, where he was a registered 
representative in the Hamburg, Germany, office of United States stock 
brokerage company Bache & Co., known in Germany as Bache Halsey Stuart 
Shields Model & Roland GmbH. This was followed by 11 years as a 
registered representative in Bache's Boston office. Bache & Co was 
acquired by Prudential Financial in 1981 and became known as 
Prudential Bache Securities, Inc., later renamed simply Prudential 
Securities, Inc. Wachovia acquired Prudential Securities, Inc., in 2003.

11/14/10 08:48 PM #6    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

I was able to upload the 51 pix I had.  Remember this was a 35mm and the
slides were already 43 years of age when I scanned them into the computer.
I was able to clean them up somewhat.

Note this was the first year in Bandon.  This was a nursing home and was in
fairly good shape.  I am the dude smoking the pipe.  Col. Tiffany & Ms.
Millard are included.  The pix of swimming in the lake were probably in
October or the following March before we were discharged.  It was too cold
most weekends to swim.

Carmen and I drove to Bandon a couple of times since 1986 (when we moved to
Portland from San Francisco).  The property was a church camp or church
school.  No one was around.  The last time we went by was in 1999 before we
moved to Park City, UT.  Still a church camp but no one was around.

The local historical museum in Bandon has a fairly nice exhibit on the
school.  Bill Marvel, Millard class of 1965 has authored a booklet detailing
the story of the Millard School and Foundation.  I think he was responsible
for providing much of the info to the museum.  I have attached his booklet
to this email.

If you go to this site I just now found, it lists the inmates (this is the
first time I had found this site)

My photos are at  this site and there is no pass word needed.

Stay in touch.  After all these years I am able to track down some long lost

Regards,  Tom Hauser

05/01/12 10:26 PM #7    


Ric Lewallen (1971)

Thanks to Rick Baggott for 1964 Millard Class photo and two pictures of Col and Mrs Millard

05/03/12 12:59 PM #8    

Tom Hauser (1962)

May 3, 2012 - Sorry for the redundancy, gentlemen.  I don't spend any time on Facebook or similar sites and I can't figure out how to post messages correctly.  Anyway, Carmen and I were in Bandon last week. I just posted some updated photos but can't find them on the site.

Today, May 3, I was just contacted by George Peyton Cole II, a classmate of mine. I had lost contact with everyone.  Last year I read an obit in the Tucson newspaper on USAF General Cole and assumed it was my classmate.  Any, GPC II is alive and well and is in our group.

Does anyone have contacts with the military academies (USNA, USMA, USCG, or USAF).  They all must have alumni groups or web sites.  We should post Ric's web site to see if we can locate others.

Last week (April 23, 2012) I had a civil rights investigation assignment in Portland.  Carmen and I were already in San Francisco so we drove north on Hwy 101.  You all remember the Greyhound bus trips to and from SF?  The road is still full of logging trucks and Redwood trees.  Arrived in Bandon Monday evening.  Went by the school which is a Christian retreat/summer school. It is called "Lake Bradley Christian Camp", 541-347-2021.  I took some pix and will upload.  Grounds are lush and well maintained.  New cottages for staff.  One of the caretakers came out to see who we were.  He was about 30 and said on occasion some former inmates have come through (Thomas I asked if they had old books or papers but negative on that.  Camp has no webpage - word of mouth. I forgot to ask him to get contact info on any other parolees who come through.

Bandon is as beautiful as ever.  Lots of homes along the ocean.  The hamburger place (forgot its name) where we met every Friday night is now gone. I think is has been replaced by a tool rental because I recall it was on the corner behind the high school.  We drove around and there are many beautiful homes.  Tourists attractions downtown.  We didn't have time to go to the museum which has moved a block from its original location. Coos Bay is only 17 miles north.  I had always thought it was much farther away.    
We talked about retiring there but it is a little too far off I-5.
If you all get through Salt Lake City give us a call.  We live in Park City, 35 minutes up the mountains on I-80.  Well, time to quit and get to yard work.  Expect snow this weekend so need to get chores done.
Regards to all.  Tom & Carmen Hauser (Class of 63)

05/04/12 04:25 AM #9    

Gary Sheppard (1973)

Hi Tom,

Thanks for updated photos of Bandon. So picturesque! Its a beautiful spot for 4-5 months a year. Too overcast for year round, if one is used to seeing the sun. I'm in Sacramento area now. Have been up there a few times in the last ten years, but its a 20 hour drive round trip, so reluctant to go again.



11/21/17 02:02 PM #10    

Tom Hauser (1962)


Howdy to all you graduates (term used carefully).

This past year I have been working at Humboldt State University (California State University system) as a Title IX investigator (sexual misconduct investigations).  HSU is in Arcata/Eureka (Calif) which is about 3 hours south of Bandon.  My wife and I made two trips  to Bandon this past year because it was so close.  Bandon appears to be a retirement community and is still our favorite beach-front community.  Wish we could afford to live there. 

Our last trip was May 2017.  The school has been a Christian retreat/bible school for many years.  It is beautifully landscaped and there are new cottages adjacent to the rec hall where we played stick hockey and were fed copious amounts of potatoes mixed with saltpeter.

We went to the Bandon Museum and the old cannon is resting in a prominent position right inside the front door.   Guess they can repel boarders if needed. I recall the cannon in front of our dorm but never gave it much thought.  It has an interesting history.  Museum had to reinforce the floor to carry its weight.

All the Millard items that I recalled were in a display case are now relegated to a shelf in a bookcase.  I took some photos of pages I had not seen before. There are several class rosters.  I will try to post them to this message. If not successful, send me an email address and I'll forward to you.

Its hard to believe its been 54 years since I was paroled from there.  In 1963 I didn't make it to the US Merchant Marine Academy but did make it to the newly incorporated Texas Maritime Academy in Galveston (Texas A&M University system).  Another surprise was this past October, while deployed with the American Red Cross to Houston (Hurricane Harvey), I was able to get down to Galveston to visit the campus.  Its been 50 years ago. Quirk of the day - one of my classmates is chief engineer on the academy training ship and I was able to visit with him.

Hope everyone has a happy Holiday Season.  Please contact me via email if the photos don't come through.

Regards, Tom Hauser (tfhauser@hotmail), Park City, UT (435-901-4084)



11/23/17 08:38 AM #11    

Tom Babits (1966)

Hi Tom
I was at Millard 65/66 and your message here brought back so really fine memories.
The pictures are great as well. I remember driving that pickup truck to town several times when we were setting up the open-house and talent show.

When you went there this year, were you allowed to visit the place?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tkanksgiving Day today.




12/14/17 07:15 PM #12    

Tom Hauser (1962)

Hi, Tom.  Thanks for your note.  I was in the class of 62/63, the first year the school moved from Lanlois to Bandon.  Having lived in the west for all these years has allowed us to pass through Bandon on occasion.  The town is a nice place to live and I think many people who live in Eugene or Salem have second homes there.  The tourist industry is thriving.  These last two years I worked in Eureka at Humboldt State U so we were able to make the 3 hr drive up to Bandon.  During our last trip in May I went into the Bandon Museum and found some material which I copied with the iphone camera.  There were several class lists and some new info about the origins of Col. Millard.  I can send this info to you if you email me at  When I get time I will try to post it on this web site.  [[there is no carriage return on this message forum so everything has to go in one long paragraph]].  Anyway, hope all is well with you and your family.  Let us know if you ever get through Utah.  Happy Holidays.  Tom







07/19/18 02:32 PM #13    

Tom Hauser (1962)

July 19, 2018 - Good afternoon, everyone.  In 2016 and 2017 I was working at Humboldt State University so we were able to make a couple of side trips north to Bandon.  Remember in the early days, Millard detainees would have to fly into San Francisco, then ride the Greyhound bus all night north on Hwy 101 to Bandon. Paul Tiffany (son of Col. Tiffany) would drive us to the compound in the old yellow tincan.  "Tanglewood" is still alive and belongs to a church organization.  Not sure if it is used as a retreat or full-time school.  New cabins had been constructed on the right as you enter the compound.  Lots of lawn and flowers.  During our April 2017 visit we went into Bandon and found the museum open so we stopped in.  There used to be a large display for Millards, now everything (except the cannon) is relegated to a shelf.  I perused the folders and took photos with the iPhone.  I hope these are readable - if not contact me and we'll figure out how to get them cleared up. - Regards, Tom Hauser (incarcerated 1962).





06/30/19 03:29 PM #14    

William H (Bill) Leech Jr (1968)

Hi everyone,

   Bill Leech,'68. Planning a Fall 2019 trip to Bandon and the Christian Camp (old Millard).

   Would anyone have any pictures (or even pictures of pictures) of your time at Millard,including the school,people,places ?

   The easiest for everyone would be for the pics to be sent directly to my e-mail address:

     Thanks for your time,






07/02/19 09:37 AM #15    

William H (Bill) Leech Jr (1968)


Bill Leech.E-mail address correction.  In my last note requesting photos,etc,my e-mail address was incorrect.It




12/28/19 08:00 AM #16    

William H (Bill) Leech Jr (1968)

Hi everyone,

     While it may or may not be of interest to all,I finally posted a letter (27 Dec.'19),with pictures,that I had sent earlier to my Classmates (Milllard,'68). It was a summary of my October 2019 visit to the old school grounds,now known as the Lake Bradley Christian Camp. I hope the narrative and pictures bring back at least some pleasant memories. For me,in the end,it wasn't the place but the friendships of long ago.

    I also have a short "360 degree" video of the current campus. The format isn't correct for this website,but if anyone wishes to see it,let me know via e-mail and I will send it along.My address

            Best wishes,

                     Bill Leech






12/28/19 08:07 AM #17    

William H (Bill) Leech Jr (1968)

Bill Leech,again.I just mentioned a "Millard Visit" letter I posted. If you wish to see it,just click on my name in the profiles and you'll see it as one of my latest postings.



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