Missing Classmates

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If you know other Classmates who are not on this list, please send an email to BIT93Electronics@gmail.com with their known information.

Chetan Bhargiri
Jagadeesh Giri
Mahesh Rangaiah

Guest Members

??? (Bulgaria) (Material Science)
Lakshmikanth (Electrical?)
Narayanappa (Hod)
Kenchaiah (Mathematics)
Radha (Mathematics)
Malleshiah (Microwaves And Radar)
Chowde Gowda (Mathematics)
Chandrashekar Kcs (?)
Pavan Kumar (Electrical)
Nirmala Kumari (?)
Mrs. Lakshmikanth (?)
Satya Prasad Lanka (Digital?)
Shanti Prasad (Fields, Lines And Wave…)
Bommai Sr (Principal)
Anand Venkatesh (Electrical)