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04/03/08 11:20 PM #1    

Shawn Richey (Sofie)

Welcome to the Bellingham High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to start or participate in a discussion.

05/31/08 08:26 PM #2    

Shannon O'Neill (O'Neill-Bieda)

Doesn't anyone have anything to say about the big 2-0 party this summer? After looking at everyone profiles, I can't wait to see you all! Seriously. If you think about it we really did have a kool group of kids. And look at the kool adults they've become.

Be well, see you in August, I'm looking for some zebra stripe, and flourescent colors are back...

06/09/08 10:58 PM #3    

Dave Carter

Im realy looking forward to seeing everyone again, High school was definatly my favorite time of life, and I thank you all for making it that way! Class of 88' rules forever!!!

06/10/08 04:50 PM #4    

Debbie Holmes (Hogue)

Ok Shannon O'neill you made me laugh out loud. Yes, neon is coming back in. My daughers dance costome is neon orange. I can't wait to catch up with everyone.

06/12/08 03:04 PM #5    

Karie Heath (Koltz)

OK, I thought I was the only one geeking out about this website. I'm totally obsessed! You could actually quiz me on how many kids people have and where they live now! My husband is totally making fun of me! (It's okay, he gets it back!)
Soooo looking forward to catching up with folks and having not one but two nights out without the kids!

06/16/08 05:52 PM #6    

Shawn Richey (Sofie)

Nope, Karie you're not alone in your "geeking out". :)
I admit it. I check every day to see who is new...

I just went through and checked out all the photos everyone posted. So great!!! I love Sean Eastman's ASB cards too.
I'm in the process of attaching everyone's senior photos to their profiles. Should have them all up in a couple of days. Boy, did we rock the 80's!

06/25/08 04:36 PM #7    

Dana Cunningham (Edmonds)

Wow you guys! It is so great that we are all so excited to go to our 20th. And I am right along with you. I may not check this website everyday, but facebook? Oh, yeah!! I have about 15 fellow grads that I have reaquainted with. What a great ice breaker. It will only make the party that much better. WaHoo!!! Class of '88!
Go Red Raiders!!

07/25/08 03:05 PM #8    

Shannon O'Neill (O'Neill-Bieda)

2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

08/01/08 02:20 PM #9    

Shannon O'Neill (O'Neill-Bieda)

1 week!!!

08/10/08 01:57 AM #10    

Brian Talley

In case of rain on Sunday how about the Jump around fun zone?

INFO: 4600 Meridian Street Suite #108 (Just one light north of Walmart)

For the safety of our smaller jumpers, children may be no older than 11 and must be shorter than 60 inches to jump at the Fun Zone.

CostWaiver Form
$5.95 per child
$4.95 per child in families of 4 children or more

08/11/08 09:36 AM #11    

Stacy Polinkus (Delaney)

Thank you Shawn and everyone else who helped to plan an excellent reunion weekend!

08/11/08 05:02 PM #12    

Sean Eastman

It was really great to see and talk to all looked so good! The trip across the country was definitely worth it.

Thanks so much to Shawn, Shannon, Jen and everyone else involved in the planning and execution of this thing. I'm sure it was no easy feat and, near as the average bear could tell, it went off without a hitch. Top notch job you guys.


08/11/08 08:40 PM #13    

Jeff Woodmansee

Definitely have to agree with the 2 previous comments. Hats off to all those involved in planning the 20 year reunion. You folks ought to be commended for a job well done. Thanks again for an excellent weekend.

Jeff Woodmansee

08/12/08 09:47 AM #14    

Jennifer Paton

I had a GREAT time!! It was so much fun catching up with everyone. I can't wait for the next one. Shawn and Shannon...thank you so much for putting all your time and effort over the last few years getting it together. It was totally rad! =) If you need help for the next one hopefully I will be able to do more than blow up balloons! Keep in touch.....everyone!

11/08/08 10:14 PM #15    

Shannon O'Neill (O'Neill-Bieda)

So was wondering if there classmates traveling to Bellingham over the holiday(s). If you're looking for a break from the family, this is a great forum to get in touch with people. Me, I'm in Bothell/Mill Creek, anyone going shopping in Alderwood, let me know, I can recommend restaurants...pit stops...back roads to avoid traffic-it gets ridiculous!

12/30/08 05:07 PM #16    

Sandy Jacobson (Knepp)

Hey everyone! Just had to jump in here and say hello. I had to laugh when I read "geeking out" on this website! It really is addictive, isn't it? Anyway, I just want to wish EVERYONE a very MERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS, AND A HAPPY, SAFE, PROSPEROUS, EMPOWERING, LOVE-FILLED NEW YEAR!!!!
Do we have any New Year resolutions that we're willing to share?

01/16/09 08:31 PM #17    

Joe C-Man Rohan

Hay, everyone its still winter in eastern washington. Hello classmates from c-man class of 1988.

06/17/09 07:56 AM #18    

Joe C-Man Rohan

Summer is here.Hello to all who new c-man.

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