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05/18/11 11:36 PM #2    


Jim Winslow

Hello Belmont classmates!

Thanks to all who helped, I think we can  consider this project a success.  I was able to obtain all of the class photos from a variety of sources and we were able to put names on all of the 200 or so Belmont students who graduated into Carlmont and became half of the Class of 1961.

Special thanks go out to Jane Kirton, Linda Ice, Richard Pecar, Alice Reynolds, Wayne Voigt and Roland Harris.  This project would not have been nearly so successful without their amazing memories.  Also to Maureen Jonas, who provided the pictures and names of the students from Immaculate Heart.

These photos and names will be shown in the Photo Gallery on this website and will also become a part of a permanent display at the Belmont Historical Society. 


Jim Winslow


08/07/11 10:51 AM #3    


Gerrine Cowgill (Peckenpaugh)

How can we  honor the memory of those who are no longer with us? How about suggestions as to how best to do this?

08/07/11 04:40 PM #4    


Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

Gerrine...a GREAT idea... how about their Sr. Class pictures posted on a board ...."In Memory" along the top? I recall we did this many years ago.  I would be happy to give a "toast" to all our dear friends who are no longer with us.....I am sure there are some good ideas out there.


08/25/11 01:49 PM #5    


Pam Williams (Valentine)

 I think that is perfect. Perhaps others might like to speak also.

09/18/11 10:45 AM #6    


Susan Palmer (Gutterman)

 Hi All,

We went to my husband's 50th (Menlo Atherton) at Sparky's last night.  The venue was fun to see and we were inside all evening; not outside in the parking lot as some had reported.  The room was comfortable, although somewhat loud which made it difficult to hear the program.  Food was just what I expected; buffet with salad, fries, onion rings, beans and sliders.  Ice cream bar was the best!  I don't plan to repeat next weekend, but will be at Harry's on Friday night.  Susan

09/26/11 07:54 PM #7    


Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

What a GREAT GREAT GREAT reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much fun seeing and talking with evening we will all remember for a long time.

THANKS to all who made this possible...Joyce, Pam and everyone else (I don't know who was on the committee) Every detail so well thought out and so perfect. Love the tee shirts, the name tags, the center pieces on the table, the food, the school tour, etc etc etc FUN time!!!!!!!

Everyone looks FANTASTIC.....can't wait till the next!!!!! and what amazing lives most have led! Beautiful families, interesting careers, living in wonderful and exotic parts of the country.....!!!!!

I am so proud to be part of such a great class. We were lucky to grow up in such a special area.


Sandy Seely Weissel

09/27/11 03:04 PM #8    

Donald Leed

Congratulations to the "Reunion Committee" for a fantastic evening.  Sparky's was a great

venue for our class.  It was great to see everyone again and hope that we can rekindle some

old friendships. 


Thanks again,

Don and Laurie Jo Leed

09/27/11 04:54 PM #9    


Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

I posted an earlier message regarding the Reunion at Sparkys but....I wanted to add a BIG Thank You to Rich Epting who put this website together...with the help of his great wife I am sure, Carolyn!! SO thankful that they did this, as it brought so many of us together again. It was lots of work facilitating this website and I certainly appreciate it as all of us do!!!!!

Sandy Seely Weissel


09/27/11 11:18 PM #10    

Alice Reynolds (Sigmund)

We support Jim Winslow's comments totally.  We had a great time.  Actually much more fun than I expected.  Having organized events in the past myself, I have some idea how much work went in to make this a success.  Many thanks to the committee as a whole and Joyce in particular. WE are so lucky that such a wonderful event was organized.  As out of towners we really appreciated the hotel facilities. Thanks again. Alice Reynolds Sigmund and Claudia Kimball.

09/28/11 12:09 AM #11    


Terry Peterson (Tedesco)

I'm still in awe of this past "magical" weekend!  I've barely had time to gather my thoughts to express my gratitude to especially Joyce, Rick & Jim, as well as the rest of our Reunion Committee on our 50th reunion!  The forum, photo gallery, the delightful venue of Sparky' was far beyond what I could even imagine.    I'm so sorry that someone had the audacity to ridicule, so rudely, any portion of it or  the efforts put forth on our behalf.  I felt such a warmth and comradery with everyone there.  I hope that individual has the decency to apologize, personally, to Joyce for the hurtful comments.  I'm so proud to be a part of our Carlmont Class of '61.  Thank you all for one of the best memories and the wonderful friendships that remain forever in my heart!

Terry Peterson Tedesco



09/28/11 12:59 AM #12    


Valerie Schlitz (Lampman)


 The Class Reunion was so much fun!!!  I think it was the best one yet!  Many Thanks to Joyce, Pam and Richard for their efforts in putting this special evening together for all of us to enjoy.  I am already looking forward to the next one!



09/29/11 01:02 AM #13    


Susan Palmer (Gutterman)

I had a great time Friday night and love seeing the photos from both nights. Thanks Richard and Sandy for posting them. So sorry to hear about the "incident" on Saturday. Joyce worked so hard and certainly didn't deserve that! That individual should have stayed away!

09/30/11 11:59 AM #14    


Gerrine Cowgill (Peckenpaugh)



Thanks to everyone who worked on the reunion event. Fabulous job. And a big thanks to all of you who made it from far and near to reconnect. Wow! Did that  night bring back some old memories ! And new friends! That was a surprise. Fun was had by all. Now maybe you can help me. Darlene Grover was there but is not on our web site. Maybe she needs a nudge to sign up. I thank Rick and Carolyn for the great web site. May it continue forever so that we don't lose touch with each other. At $9 a month it shouldn't be hard to maintain.  Stay in touch! Let us know how life is treating you. At this point it's kind of a maze! Hugs to all, Gerrine

09/30/11 01:31 PM #15    


Kathleen D'Anjou (Krize)

I have been reading the reunion comments and feel so bummed to have missed the reunion fun and the chance to reconnect with old friends.  Somethings just don't work out right.  Had long time plans for Mexico vacation and the reunion date and trip date landed on the same weekend.  It does sound like the reunion was a big hit!!!

Hope I have a chance to connect with some of you in the future.

Kathy D'Anjou Krize

10/02/11 03:24 PM #16    


Clyda Stevens (Trent)

Thank you all for providing a great two day event!  It was amazing that our dusty 50 year old files in our minds could recall classmates and past events.  It was sobering to see the pictures with names of classmates that are deceased.  Life is precious.  I just loved "Sparky's".  What a fun place for a class reunion! The banana split I ate was also a memory renewed from the sixties.  I had looked forward to this event and it exceeded my expectations of a good time. Clyda Stevens Trent

10/07/11 01:54 PM #17    


Wayne Voigt


First of all I want to thank Dick Pecar for telling me about Your Reunion. I want to thank Richard Epting and Jim Winslow for making it possible for Shirley and I to attend as Guest Members. We had a great time. We did not attend Carlmont High School. We both went to Half Moon Bay High. I had not seen any Louis Barrett Classmates in 54 years. I always wondered how everyone had done in life and their careers. It has been fun reading every ones Profiles and seeing their pictures that they have posted. It was fun meeting new people and realizing how small the world really is. I had a Great time reconnecting with old classmates and seeing them. I drove Shirley around Belmont and showed her where I lived, and where other classmates lived. While on that tour we met up with Alice Reynolds, Claudia Kimball, and Alice's husband Dutch in front of Alice's House. We had a Great time right in the middle of the street. I will try to stay in contact with all of you as time permits. We haved attended reunions in Half Moon Bay but none compare to Yours. It was truly the Greatest one we have ever attended. Thank-You All for a Great time. If anyone is in the Lake County Area please feel free to contact us.


10/07/16 10:20 AM #18    

Jack Lewis

Yes the 2011 reunion was terrific, all the choices by the planers were terrific.  Thank you, we had a terrific time.  We look forward to the event in Nov 2016.

11/15/16 11:16 AM #19    


Valerie Schlitz (Lampman)

Thank you Joyce for bringing us together once again!  It was another fun evening.  



11/16/16 01:06 PM #20    

Philip Shecter

I also want to thank Joyce for taking charge once again and making our class reunion very special.  I hope that more members of our class will come to the next one; our 60th reunion in 2021.  Blessings to all of you for great health and happiness now and in the coming years.  Wishing you all a very wonderful Thanksgiving.  All the best, Phil Shecter

11/16/16 04:26 PM #21    


Gerrine Cowgill (Peckenpaugh)

Fabulous evening. Loved seeing everyone in such a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to Joyce for pulling it together. Well worth the drive. No one changes! How can that be?
Loved driving around San Carlos and soaking up the history of the town........along with my old house. It was as someone said, "A gentle town to be brought up in." Yes, think how many of us actually grew up in that town from K thru high scholl. Really remarkable by today's world. My best to you all...........especially Denny Durkin.............he FINALLY made it to a reunion.!! So good to see you all.
Gerrine Cowgill Peckenpaugh  ...........soon to relocate to El Dorado Hills!!

10/22/18 02:13 PM #22    

Jack Lewis 

06/09/19 06:20 PM #23    


Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

Judith HANSEN Macguire's  daughter just informed me that Judi passed away last night after a battle with cancer.    She wanted me to post the following:

"It comes with great sadness that we have to tell you that our mom Judi Maguire passed away on 6/8/19 at around 10:21 pm. She passed away comfortably and wasn’t in any pain.  We know how much the people around her meant to her. We really appreciate the love and support you all provided to our mom and our family during this difficult time.  
       We will be in touch over the next few weeks with plans for a memorial service."
I remember having such fun with Judi at Carlmont..we "hung out" now and then at Y-dances, etc.    What a wonderful lady !  We re-connected in the past few years and I really enjoyed her company.  Judi lived in a beautiful area near Yosemite and enjoyed golf and of course tennis!  I do feel there is a new angel in the heavens tonight!!  She is reunited with Ron, her hubby who passed away a few years ago. I am sure they are playing endless rounds of golf!   Rest in Peace dear Judi.

06/10/19 04:59 PM #24    

Barbara DuFrane (Daly)


Judy Hansen,


I am so sorry hear about Judy.  I spent many summers competing against Judy in Tennis.  One tournament she won the trophy and I got the tennis ball necklace.

God Bless her.  May she Rest In Peace.


Barbara DuFrane Daly 


07/13/19 11:15 AM #25    

Donald Carlson

We are sad to make known that our good friend Susan Anderson has passed away. With her family beside her, this last Monday Sue succumbed to a stroke.

Sue had two children and three grandchildren.  She lived in Forestville for 30 years, near the Russian River, an area she loved so much.  


She had maintained close relationships with her high school friends these past 58 years. She was known to always tell a good story.  She was always a good friend and confidant, always upbeat and happy, always fun to be with.

Sue will always remain in our memories.


Diane Markley (McCarthy)

Leslie Russell

Don Carlson

10/02/20 08:30 AM #26    


Richard Pecar

Early in my junior year I decided I wanted nothing to do with high school. I enlisted in the Marine Corps with orders to report and swear in on my 17th birthday. The only person to support that decision was Francis Ferry, our Dean of Boys. Mr. Ferry's encouragement helped me move on. It was a major crossroads and a defining moment in my life. I owe him a great deal. Mr Ferry provided so much more to the United States during WWII.

Mr. Ferry lives in Auburn, CA and celebrated his 100th birthday on January 20th this year. I tried posting links to a local TV story (KCRA 3 news) about his birthday and WWII history, but the links didn't work from this message board. I encourage you to Google Mr. Ferry.

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