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Grant Murray

Grant Murray

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07/27/11 04:43 PM #1    

Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

Grant spent his life in the aviation business starting with a 20-year career with Western Airlines where became regional vice president and then as president for several startup airlines and related aviation businesses. The most recent ten years, or so, he was Chairman and CEO of a fixed base operation (aviation fuel, hangers, service, etc.) at Long Beach airport called Millionaire with his partner Glen Ray. Grant married Karen Luakenen form Minnesota about 1969-70 and had three children, Kent and his wife Dulce were the first. They gave grant and Karen their first grandchild Carrissa. Dulce is expecting their second. Then came Brenda who married one Cory Green., They gave them two granddaughters Savannah and Sierra. His youngest child is Erin who Married one Kevin Kochakji who recently had their first child, Madelyn. They were Grant’s entire life.

**the above was sent to me by Dave Murray, Grant's brother. **

My heart goes out to his family at this time.


07/27/11 04:48 PM #2    

Sandra Seely (LWeissel)

I just learned today of Grant's passing. This is indeed a sad day.  What a wonderful man who has left this world.   Grant's passion was aviation and he created a very successful & enterprising career for himself in Southern CA.   Grant's true love was his wife Karen and his three children.  My heart goes out to them at this time. I know how close he and his brother Dave heart goes out to Dave too.   He also has grandchildren who he loved dearly.  His family brought him much joy.

Grant was on his daily walk yesterday, 7/25/11, and he collapsed, suffering from a fatal heart attack.  

Grant grew up on Elm Street, right around the corner from my house. We were "sandbox buddies" since the age of 3! our mothers were best friends.  He and his brother Dave were such fun to be around...we spent many summer days in their pool.  He was a super musician....a talented drummer.

I always felt like a better person  being around Grant.  He was full of life, full of fun and had the biggest heart.   I will never forget his beautiful smile and his friendship throughout the years. Grant and our neighborhood pals met in SF for a wk'end several years ago. Grant was surrounded by us four ladies...Sharon Marino, Frankie Lindeburg and Jean Arveson and myself.  We all grew up together....I will hold that evening in my heart forever. It was filled with laughter and good memories of when we were all kids...Grant surprised us all by taking care of the entire bill! I will never forget when he called his wife from the table...and she must have asked how we all looked...he replied "old..really old and not looking good......" then he roared with laughter. We really gave him a bad time about that. His humor was really special! such a down to earth guy..... so generous and so kind.

Rest in peace dear friend.  I know there is a special star shining brightly in the sky tonight...I will never forget you Grant.

07/28/11 12:00 AM #3    

Sharon Marino (Cocchi)

My heart is breaking as I write this note. I never expected to be doing this now. Just a couple of days ago Sandy Seely & I were talking about how excited we were to see Grant again. We  couldn't wait until the reunion. He was one of our highlights. Sandy summed up what he meant to all of us in her beautiful note. We had a great time together as small children. I lived  a couple of blocks from Grant & sandy so we were all great friends.

My sincere sympathy to Dave and Grants wife and family. He was a man to be very proud of. We will always remember is warm smile and heart.

My prayers are with you and Grant.  Sharon Marino (Cocchi)

09/15/11 05:00 PM #4    

Frankie Lindeburg (Eakes)

l I was one of kids that lived next store to Grant, along with Sandy and Sharon and Jeannie and as children had many adventures. Our mothers were good friends, and one year  our families took a trip to Utah thru the desert (terrible) and spent a week on my grandparents farm. Three years ago, the neighborhood girls rendezvous for dinner with Grant holding court.  He had such a great little laugh, and sense of humor and hard to believe that he is gone.  We were going to get together earlier in the year and then just decided to wait for the reunion.  We will miss you Grant, thanks for some wonderful memories and friendship.  Sending special thoughts to his family.. Frankie Lindeburg Eakes 

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