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Eugene (Gene) F Dunham Jr

Services for E.F. Gene Dunham will be Monday February 23, 2015 at St Mark's Episcopal Church, 13312 Cain Road, Tampa, FL 33625  Reception for classmates at home of Nancy Dunham, 12719 Sebring Blvd. Tampa, FL 33618

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02/18/15 12:43 PM #3    

Donna Secord (Doran)

I have known Gene since 7th grade at St Thomas Episcopal Church youth group.  He was always a happy person. He will be missed.  I also live in Tampa, so I will be able to go to his funeral service at St Marks Episcopal Church.

02/18/15 08:28 PM #4    

George (Scott) Dixon

So sorry to hear of Gene's passing.  Gene and I were part of a pretty close group through high school.  I have  many pleasant memories of Gene and the fun, exciting, wild and sometimes crazythings we did. Over the years we have all gone our separate ways and had unique life experiences. I have only had a few contacts with Gene since high school but I know he had a full and successful life. That's how it should be and about all we can ask.
Scott Dixon

02/20/15 07:24 AM #5    

James (Jim) Mell Laurence

Gene and I were part of the Ohio U contingency in the fall of 1960 and, along with Bill Luff, Bill Brainard and Gene Wilson, lived in Johnson Hall our freshman year.  Gene and I went on to be fraternity brothers (Lambda Chi Alpha)....too many great memories to list here.

02/21/15 07:19 AM #6    

William Brainard

Gene was my friend and freshman year roommate at Ohio University.  We went seperate ways after our freshman year, joining different fraternities and each making a new set of friends but the good memories of our first year dorm life together remain with me to this day. Rest in peace my friend.


02/21/15 09:51 AM #7    

H. Allen (Al) Tadych

Jim Laurence's comments remind me of many incidents at Ohio University. I went to the University of Dayton as Mary was attending OU. As many weekends as I had gas money I would make the drive. Gene was nice enough to let me stay at the Lamba Chi Alpha house by introducing me as a brother from Berea (where there was also a Chapter at BW). I wasn't. The pledges would love to see me come. I gave out the most pledge points ever for their washing my car, my clothes, etc. I remebber the twinkle in Gene's eyes as I posted the points. Worked for  years, then Mary went off to teach. Larceny was always a spark in hiis heart.  ASKAL

02/22/15 01:04 PM #8    

James (Jim) Mell Laurence

As I remember, Bill, you and Luff and Dunham lived in an apt. over by the highschool our sophmore year.  You all had a cross-town relationship with me and my roommates.  I remember an incident involving pizzas and book club memberships.....many many great times.

02/22/15 03:05 PM #9    

William Brainard

Yeah, Jim,  I kinda skipped over that semester but I do recall our feeble attempts to cook for ourselves in that apartment. I think after scrambled eggs, spaghetti and chili, our repertoire was exhausted. BTW, I was the best cook, Gene the best eater:)

02/22/15 09:45 PM #10    

Bill Luff

Many fond memories of Gene.  He was among the first to befriend me when my family moved to Berea in late 1949 ... 2nd grade at Fairwood.  As Jim Laurence recalled Gene, Bill Brainard and I roomed together for a while in off-campus housing at Ohio U.  So many great memories of Gene ... his character, sense of humor, love of life but most of all his friendship.  He will be deeply missed by all who were fortunate to call him "friend".

02/23/15 04:10 PM #11    

James (Jim) Mell Laurence

I should have mentioned the other Class of '60 alum that was associated with us.  Bob Chrysler was also a fraternity brother of Gene's and mine.....Not sure of the grammer there...where is Christine when you need her

02/25/15 08:24 PM #12    

Steve Jones

In 1967 I was driving down Michigan Avenue in Dearborn Michigan. I stopped for a light-looked at a group of people waiting for a bus. There was Gene-I rounded the corner, parked, and had about a 30 second conversation before he boarded the bus. He said he was working at a bank downtown Detroit.

Last time I saw him. Small world and the moment stayed with me. He was a good person.

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