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valera wilson, sent September 15, 2019

Email:  wilsonsandy1000@comcast.net

Sandy Wilson passed away Sept. 20th 2018. After living 4 great years in Berea and such a wonderful 4 years of high school swimming he went on Ashland College as the first swimming coach. He coached many All Americans and remained at Ashland for 30 years until he retired. We were living on Whidbey Island, Washington where our youngest son is living when coach Sandy came down with demetria. Our memories of Ohio were so great! Would love to hear from anyone that would like to e-mail: wilsonsandy1000@comcast.net. Love Val 



Don't forget to check out the Supplemental Site from time to time, among other things it includes the obituaries from some of our GREAT teachers we were fortunate to have.


I was notified by Nancy Farner Chizmar, that Gary Matjastic passed away on August 24, 2019.  Nancy, thank you for letting me know!


Here is a YouTube video animation of the new Berea - Midpark high school.


I wanted to let you know that Patricia Reed (Philips) passed away on May 1, 2019. 


Thanks to Dick Curtner, we have some more great class pictures from Loomis School, Central, and Roehm!  Thanks Dick!



I'm sorry to let you know that Linda "Lynne" (Umstead) Salay passed away on November 20, 2018.  I would like to thank Phil Toomey for contacting me.  Thank you, Phil



Sorry to let you know that Coach Sandy Wilson passed away in September 20, 2018.  I have his obituary on our Berea Project site with other teachers, etc.  I would like to thank Tom Budisak for taking the time to contact me about Sandy.



I hope you like the new layout.  I wanted to let you know, the "Log Out" selection is in the drop down menu, click on the little "head and shoulder" in the upper right hand corner.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Karen Sauke is asking our help to try to identify a student who went to Loomis School (pictures link here).  As she recalls, his name was Joel and lived at the Berea Children’s Home.  He and a companion were skating on ice in the Berea Metro park and his friend slipped under the ice. Joel attempted to rescue him and drowned instead.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas?  We all love a good mystery!  

50th Reunion pictures click here, upload your own pictures too!

This web site now has a “Class Connection Facebook Application”, so you will be able to access our web site through Facebook!  Log onto the 1965 Class Web Site, then look under Member Functions (on your left) click “Class Connection”, Facebook opens, then click “Join Class” and Okay!  To go to your regular Facebook page click on your name on the top tool bar, and to go to the class web site, click on Facebook “Home”, then under Apps, click “Class Connection”.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks, Larry

We have a new feature called "Rewind", a 60 second audio of what happened on this date in history.  

I have posted some great "Swim Team" pictures Tom Dameron sent in! Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Thanks, Tom

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Class of 1960 web site, 

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Class of 1971 web site and the supplemental site for Berea and Berea High School.

Compiled by Greg Macosko, great job!

Here are some great pictures from the Berea 2012 Community Guide, published by the City of Berea and the Chamber of Commerce.

We added many Class of '65 Fairwood Elementary School class pictures on the Misc Pix page!

We have added a new feature, Misc Pix, which allows any Class of 1965 classmate to "upload" pictures after they log on to the web site.  We hope many of you contribute pictures.

 Welcome to the Berea High Class Of 1965 web site.   Please spend some time, create your information and let others know about the site, most of all have fun with it!

This site is very interactive.  You'll be able to easily add information and photos yourself, contact other classmates, help find classmates, etc.  I'm excited about the possibilities!

Don't forget about the "Message Forum"!!

We now have a Guest registration if you want to be a Guest in the '66 or '67 web site or if you know someone that would like to be a Guest in this site, let me know.  Thanks, Larry Froehlich




Book & Bean pictures are on the Get Together page!









This picture and more (on the Supplemental Site) are from Dick Curtner. 

Thanks Dick, these are GREAT photos!




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You can also share personal updates, memories, photos and videos with your classmates here.  Enjoy looking at the profiles of old friends and don’t forget to add your own photos and comments.  Check back often as classmates will continue to post new photos and updates. 

Here is a link to the Berea Historical Society.

 Click to hear the Pride of Berea; the Berea High School Marching Band!

 Here is the web site for the Berea High Band Boosters!!



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