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Allan . Fischbach

 LCpl Allan Fischbach, who was KIA in Viet Nam on 9/6/1965.

If you have any information, memories, or thoughts to share, please post a comment.

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03/12/14 03:55 PM #2    

Austin . Kuder

We were friends since grade school. He was a quiet and nice person. It was sad to lose him in Viet Nam.

03/13/14 01:33 PM #3    

Sara Jo Jay (Wells)

Thank you for your service Allan.


05/10/14 01:16 PM #4    

Stephen . Brummet

Allan was my next door neighbor through high school.  An all-around good guy.  Thank you for your service, Allan.  

05/11/14 08:21 AM #5    

Karen Sargent (Eibner)

Allan it is a shame that we have to lose people to war. It unfortunately is inevitable. Thank you for serving to keep us free.


05/11/14 02:27 PM #6    

Jim Aust

My heart goes out to Allan's family.  So horrible to loose a son at such a young age.

I was in the Marine Corps from 67-69.  I had the honor of escorting an 18 yr old Marine home to a small farming town in Michigan.  He was in Viet Nam only one month when he was killed.  He was an only son and his mother and father were devastated.

Though Allan has been gone almost 50 years, he will forever be remembered by his family and us as that young fresh man in the picture.

05/12/14 01:32 PM #7    

Lawrence . Gibbons

I visited the Vietnam wall and found Allan's name.  It was very moving.  Miss you.

05/13/14 06:55 AM #8    

Daniel Forrester

I knew Al in junior high and sophomore year at Berea.  He was a great guy!  Lost track of him with the split up.  It's guys like Al and Billy Wade and other schoolmates who preserve our liberties.  The pain of loss can only besoothed by the freedoms it defends.  Thank you for the ultimate service.

05/14/14 10:06 AM #9    

Carol . Ellis (Ziesemer)

I remember the shock of finding out about Allan's death in a letter from my mother my freshman year in college.  He was the first boy I knew to die in Vietnam.  I, too, sought out his name on the Memorial in DC.  I had a crush on him in third grade.  I thought he was so cute.

05/16/14 03:05 PM #10    

William . Goethe

Alan was a great guy.  He always sat in front on me in classes where seating was based on alphabetical order. And we always ended up as partners in gym class.  I was very saddened by the news of his his death.  I have been the Washington several times, and each time I visit The Wall I pay tribute to him and Bill Wade for their supreme sacrifice.  

05/18/14 12:21 PM #11    

Robert . Wilson

I knew Allan all the from grade school. We both went to St. Mary's. We stayed friends all the way through high school. Allan tried to talk me into entering the Marine Corps with him right after high school but I did not. I eventually entered the Navy in 1965. He was very proud of being in the USMC. I have often though about him over the years.

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