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Richard Baxendale

Richard Baxendale

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05/19/14 06:58 PM #1    

Marie Yunko (Horner)

Dick and I lived on the same street in Brook Park - we attended teen canteen dances at the old Brook Park rec center in our junior high years.  I ran into him and his wife many years later at a Brook Park Home Days celebration and he reminded me that we won a dance contest at one of the canteen dances, I had forgotten about it.  He was such a nice guy.  I do not know when or how he died but was sad to hear about it well after he had gone.

05/20/14 01:42 PM #2    

Daniel Forrester

When we were in our junior high days, my mother was severasl feet behind Dick and yelled at him about something thinking he was me.  I got an earful from Dick about it and another from my mother, who thought that I disobeyed whatever she was yelling at Dick.  If he had turned around, my mother would probably have apologized for yelling at him.  It wasn't until later, after both had words with me that Dick realized my mother couldn't tell the two of us apart from behind.  Dick went way too soon.  I was able to talk to him just before he died.  He was leaving the barber shop, Don Rutti (62) told me he was in the parking lot and I caught up to him before he could drive away.  It was one of the better ten minute conversations I had with Dickie since we were kids.  I have a close friend with whom we refer to ourselve as "twin brothers from separate mothers"', Dickie would have made us triplets.

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