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Scott Brown

Profile Updated: August 31, 2014
Scott Brown
Scott Brown


Scott Brown


Scott Brown


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In:
Norfolk, VA USA
currently single
writer/actor/voice-over artist/comedian/musician
*Heather Sluss Bautista ( Her husb: Ted Bautista) - She's 38y.o. and living in Va.Beach,Va. ( She's More…my step-daughter from my 1st marriage to Jenifer)
*Ariel Cayan Mullin ( Her husband: Marshall Mullin) - She's 33 y.o. and living in Golden, Colorado(-My natural daughter from my 1st marriage)
*Erin Nichole Sheats ( Her hubby: Joseph Sheats)- She's 24 y.o and living in Norfolk,Va. -(*Alexander Russell Brown is her son ..... my grandson - He's 6y.o. (she's my 1st daughter from my 2nd marriage to Debbie)
*Corinne Bethany Brown ( Her partner: Teddy Cameron)- She's 22y.o. and living in Richmond, Va.(VCU community)(She's my 2nd daughter from my 2nd marriage)
Last but not least:**Alex Brown (He's my 6y.o. grandson from daughter Erin ... see above.....)

**After W.J., and a year and a half at Montgomery College - Rockville campus, I did a lot of Dinner theatre around Md. side of DC (Burn Brae D.T. (Burtonsville) ... Colony 7 D.T. (Baltimore).... Saratoga D.T. (help start: and as an actor- in Lanham/Landover) ... Shoestring Players (Co-Founder , actor - in the Columbia area), 'til I moved to Va.Beach in 1976 w/ Patricia Keane of Burtonville, Md., who I met while at Burn Brae D.T. (was in relationship w/ her for 5 years) - Also,before leaving area, and while at M.C. in Rockville I also created the makeup design for the DC area premier of Archibald MacLeish's play about the Devil and Daniel Webster called, "Scratch" - performed at Montgomery College, Rockville campus
**I moved to Va. Beach to play the lead in a world premier production of a play by the former artictic director for Paramount Pictures called "My Eldest Son" at the Center Theatre in Norfolk (now the Harrison Opera House). I then did Dinner theatre in V.B, and Norfolk, for years at the Cavalier Dinner Playhouse in Norfolk and at the Tidewater Dinner Theatre in Va. Beach (also help start the New Cavalier Dinner Playhouse in Va. Beach) - then TV and Film work (including the role of 'Freddie' in the 'Eugene O'Neill award' winning made for TV movie, "King Crab" for ABC TV in '80) ... including local commercial spokesman for local accounts/ and Talk show host for various concerns, including an early shop at home channel which eventually became QVC, and one of the 1st Real Estate shows in US, and a stint on the CBN soap opera "Another Life"in 1981 and '82 - also: related commercial copywriting and jingle writing
** started a comedy Group called "Open Season"(like watching live TV, onstage, w/ an 'out of control remote') in '79 and toured colleges and clubs throughout the U.S in the 1980's - then did solo standup throughout the country ( was awinner on ABC's"America's Funniest People" (w/ host, Dave Coulier) for my "Shakespeare Rap" (-written for my Open Season group-)and I also opened up on Easter Sunday for Whitney Houston's, 'Welcome Home Heroes' concert, aired 'live' on Easter Sunday on HBO, just after the end of the 1st Gulf war.
**I also ran a lot of variety shows over years in local nite clubs as a standard Emcee and also as a "Groucho Marx" one man show on other occasions where I would do 20 minutes as Groucho and then emcee the rest of the evening's entertainment in that character. I also did Murder Mystery dinner Theatre for years : First as a suspect, and then as an emcee, with Limelight Productions of Va. Beach - and then for an even longer period (8 years) with Maverick Productions of Va. Beach, first as an actor and shortly tereafter as th Detective "Scott Phreigh". I did Improv Comedy - first as a performer with the "Comedy Bowl" for Limelight Productions, and then eventually as an improv artist and later as the moderator (like Drew Carey does for Who's Line Is It?) with Maverick Productions. I spent a couple years as well playing King Henry in the medieval dinner theatre production called,"Rosie Rumpe's Regal Dumpe", first in Va. Beach, and then in Williamsburg, Va..I also worked with Young Audiences Childrens theatre for years, performing throughout the area.
**Have been a Voice Over Artist for local, regional, and National TV and Radio commercials; Internet, and Audio Books... starting in 1990's, and becoming full time at that by the late 1990's and on (**other professional artistic work would include Directing; Singing; Writing commercial copy and jingles-and writing sketch comedy; stand-up comedy; poetry, and play scripting ( also did fundraising and scripting for the Children's Performance Workshop in Va. Beach) ...Also: Ran advertising; booking entertainers, and P.R. work for our family restaurant called Brewer's East Inn in V.B. during it's 5 years of opperation ... did other P.R. work - commercial illustrations and cartooning over the years freelance for other concerns - creating logos, and creating unique business names for local businesses. Also some writing of book and film reviews for various concerns. Some time spent working for the A.R.E. ( Association for Research and Enlightenment/ the Edgar Cayce Foundation), in V.B. - writing book reviews for the A.R.E.Press Journal - giving tours - and working in the book store)
**Other work at various time involved Sales (including Time Shares in V.B., and Wholesale Jewelry sales to businesses - and air and water filtration systems), and Management (Restaurant - Video Store- Wholesale Jewelry), and Phone room sales and appointment setting (for various home improvements - like multi-pane windows, and vinyl siding - and Time-Share companies)
**Married twice - 4 daughters, and 1 grandson ........currently single .....
**hobbies include reading; cartooning; writing (prose and poetry), and studying Philosophies and World Religions- Theology- Metaphysics- Physics- Dream Studies - Parapsychology- Plate Techtonics and Earth Changes ...
** I went into hospital for a broken femur right before New Years, 2009, and they discovered bone cancer throughout my entire body - I started a program of various Chemo Therapies, and began living at Consulate Health Care in Norfolk, Va.... By May of 2010 it was determined that my own positive mental and emotional excersizes, combined w/ the chemo treatments, had eradicated the bone cancer (this was found while preparing for a bone marrow transplant)... So, the marrow transplant was put off until such time as when it might be discovered that the cancer has returned (I'm not planning on that), and in the mean time I am currently in physical therapy at Consulate Health Care, and I'm investigating the necessary steps to move me out of the Health Care facility and back into living and working again out in the real world as soon as possible....
- I love spending time with positive people, especially my daughters, and my grandson... and I want to continue creating artistically (especially in any way that can be of aid to children)... if you have young kids - (or more likely , grandkids) get the audio book called, "Myles' Pesky Friends" - published last May, by Moving Picture Books (author - Brad Martin), to hear my last audio work available to the public prior to my cancer discovery - It's a great book for young kids ...
* I have never been able to attend a reunion for W.J., and one of my current goals is to get there this year, somehow. If you would like to reach me you can 'friend me' via Facebook.... I am listed on Facebook (in either the Norfolk or Va. Beach area) as Scott R. Brown... if we are close old friends who have fallen out of touch, then I will be happy to give you my email and/or phone #, "Off the wall", and then we can get back in touch - and maybe even find a way to get back in each other's proximity....
** Religion: Earthling (with strong family ties to Methodism growing up - and extensive study in Eastern religions as well)
**'Loves' are (in no particlar order) Comedy; Sci-Fi; Philosophy; Media(especially tv and Film); Music (Rock, Jazz, New Wave, Prog Rock, Ska, Reggae,Colorado Rock{as opposed to hard country or southern rock}, Bluegrass, Punk, and Classical); Books; NPR and PBS; Women; Theatre, and good food. I create and give form to ideas ....... so just about every form of artistic expression is of interest to me - to enjoy either as an audience member, or as a creator of (the only artistic pursuit that I never made money in was the world of Dance ... and, the world of Dance is (I'm quite certain) mighty glad that I never ventured anywhere near it ...) ..In closing: I'm still hoping and praying for Love, peace and evolution to lift up this world and make a better place for us and our offspring ... free from fear, hatred and bigotry of every sort. All of you other earthlings are more than welcome to join me in this...
**Member of Screen Actor's Guild (S.A.G.) since 1979 and got my Batchelor's degree from ODU in Norf., Va.

School Story:

Too many to think about - I could ask you what your favorite story was, of me, while I was there- Ha ... I guess mine would be that, because my friends and I were a bit inclinded toward revolutionary behavior (in hopes of changing people's ways of thinking and taking down some of the formerly 'respected' institutions of life) we decided that the traditional election of 'Homecoming Queen' was more than a bit passe' - So, I filled out my ballet for the election with my 3 choices being Me, in first place - 'Smokey the Bear', in my 2nd choice position, and our school Vice Principal, in the 3rd choice spot. My friend Bill Glaser saw what I did, and he also put my name first, and then a couple other choices in the 2nd and 3rd place spots ... but he also started telling everyone else to vote for me in 1st place for Homecoming Queen , and once the day was done and when the votes were counted, I had beat the front runner out (sorry Debbie Lidie) for the position of 'Homecoming Queen'. So, the end result was that they made me 'Homecoming King' (the first in W.J.'s history), and as the 'runner-up', Debbie then became the true Homecoming Queen. At the Homecoming game that weekend they arranged for a couple of the hotter majorettes to be my escorts to my float vehicle and ride with me (I dressed like an old time gangster - complete with violin case, ala there being a 'machine gun inside'), and then I remember I did a variety of slapstick pratfalls in what I remember was a very muddy football field after I had ridden around the track once, and as I was being escorted across the field to my 'Throne' (we used the Throne chair created for the operetta, La Perichole, that year) ... and my 'scepter', for ruling the occasion, was a BCC Pine Tree (a very small one that had been removed from their school property, the evening before, in the dead of nite... by persons that I still will swear were unknown to me bout have unmasked themselves on this very website if you find the correct person's recollection ...- "I mean, what self-respecting kind of school has... as their symbol - or, mascot ... a Pine Tree?", says the graduate of a school named after a baseball player, and which had a cow named 'Mighty Moo' as it's mascot...). It is my understanding that from that year on W.J. has had both a Homecoming King and Queen, rather than just the Queen ... and that's my school story from W.J.
** and as to my educational history, after W.J., it goes something like this - I spent a short time at Montgomery College (Rockville campus), but then went right into workin' the Dinner Theatre circuits after some outdoor drama, one summer in Strasburg, Va. ("The American version of the Oberammergau Passion Play") ... then, after a 7 year sabbatical ... I decided to go back to school, and since I was in the Hampton Roads area by then I applied to, and was admitted to Old Dominion University..... I eventually recieved my Batchelor's Degree majoing in Theatre, with a minor in Theological Philosophies, from ODU in the mid-'80's ...

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It's Scott Brown's birthday today.
Mar 24, 2018 at 4:34 AM
It's Scott Brown's birthday today.
Mar 24, 2017 at 4:33 AM
Scott Brown has left an In Memory comment for his Profile.
Feb 06, 2017 at 8:33 PM

So glad I got to see him at the reunion in 2011 ...
Fred, and Bill Glaser (RIP to both), and I all used to vocally re-create 'Doo Wop classics' out on the west side of the school (which eventually faced Montgomery Mall) back when the classes we were skipping coincided.
Fred had a keen witted ability which compliment my half witted ability, so we humored each other greatly.
I am sorry to hear about this.
All my best to him as he sojourns in a new plane on the other side of the veil ... without the confines of a body to slow him down ...
My condolences to all his family and friends 

It's Scott Brown's birthday today.
Mar 24, 2015 at 4:33 AM
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Feb 19, 2016 at 2:57 PM

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
This was my Character, rock 'n' roller 'Phil Hayes' on the daytime drama, or soap opera,
"Another Life" back in 1981-82
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Va. Beach has a unique program to entertain tourists on Atlantic Ave. at the beach, with various musicians(combos and solos) and jugglers and fire eaters and magicians and much more on each corner from 17th St. to 25th St. which runs from June until Sept. each year called, "Beach Street, U.S.A."
I was the unofficial Mayor of Beach Street for the first 3 years - which meant that I was basically a 'Wal-Mart greeter' for the city (for lack of a better term). I walked the blocks and worked the crowds much in the same way that Leno or Letterman would work the audience whenever they would go up into the seating area, armed only with my skills from years of professional stand-up comedy, improv comedy, and show hosting and emceeing. It was a fun gig for 3 years but I eventually burned out on it....
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Me as Benny Southstreet in "Guys Abd Dolls" at Colony 7 Dinner Theater in Baltimore (w/ W.J. alumnae David Harper as Nathan Detroit (top) and Bob Arnold as Nicely Nicely (bottom)(1975-ish)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Bob and I doing our "Guys and Dolls" duet...
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Me in cast shot of "Oklahoma" at Burn Brae Dinner Theater (note 4th or 5th in from the left in the back row an actor w/ a white beard ... my buddy Jg Hertzler ... years later he became well known as 'General', and then 'Chancellor Martok' - a major Klingon character on 'Star Trek:Deep Space Nine')... we did a lot of shows together in the DC area over the years - and like him, I am also in the back row, (in the shadows, w/a sheriff badge on - by the tree on the right side)(*1973-ish)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
I'm the chief Nazi SS Officer in the middle of the back row of this cast shot of "Sound of Music" at Burn Brae D.T.(1973-ish)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Me as 'Buffalo Bill' in 'Annie Get Your Gun' at Burn Brae Dinner Theater in the early '70's (with my brothers Dusty, Matt, and Todd in audience)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
2nd from right - in the dugout- "Damn Yankees" at Tidewater Dinner Theater, in Va.Beach(1978)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Me at the Tidewater Dinner Theater in Norfolk in "South Pacific" as 'Lt. Joe Cable' (Back to audience) ... the entire stage had sand covering it to simulate the desert isle ... we had to pour the sand out of our shoes every nite .... Approx: 1979
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Me as Ensign Pulver in a production of 'Mr. Roberts at Tidewater Dinner Theater in Va. Beach