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Shakitha Elaine Cleveland

SHAKITHA E CLEVELAND, 19 of Birmingham died January 24, 2005. She accepted Christ at an early age and was united with Mason City A.O.H. Church of Christ...
Published in The Birmingham News on 1/28/2005

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Gabrielle L Quarles

I really miss KeKe so much!! I remember going to Wenonah together and we always argue about who liked this guy and I was like "why are we having this discussion when obviously YOU like him and I don't, lol" Then our birthdays are a week apart-hers on the 20th and mine the 27th so before school ends for the summer we'd exchange 5 dollars and a happy birthday,see you in the fall! Those were the days! My memories of her was mainly positive, she always encouraged me as did I but the most memorable thing had to be when we gotten our senior yearbooks. She wrote " Keep 2003 alive, As-Sal?mu `Alaykum, see you at the reunion...


I wish I could see her at the reunion.... I remember when I've received the news of her passing. I was going to Herzing College for Business at the time and a girl who also went to school with us told me that a friend of hers who also went to Wenonah(small world, lol) went to college with KeKe and the news of her death was around the school. But I was told in the middle of an exam and you know what I made on that test, F! I was completly out of it, crying hysterically and it took at least 4 people to carry me to the lounge and calm me down. She had everything going for her and I didn't understand why God took her away from us. Then at the funeral, I was saddened at the lack of high school support she had. I remember Mrs. Berry and the Spanish teacher(I'm sorry I don't know her name), Rev. Austin, my best friend Delarus and myself being there but I was thrilled at the full house the church had in support of KeKe. She touched so many people's lives that I understood why. It was just time.... She have lived a good life through Jesus and I loved how your mom didn't shed a tear in hre baby girls death. She was strong and said " I didn't have any trouble with Shakitha, she was filled with God's spirit and I am so proud to have her as my daughter".


What I am saying is I truly miss my friend! I cherish every single moment I've had with her and I thank God for allowing me the oppurtunity to meet her and call her my friend.


I love you all


God Bless

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