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Blytheville High Class Of 1986 Alumni!

This is our official BHS Class of 1986 website. The site offers many features including an alumni directory, reunion information including online registration, newsletters, message forums and an alumni profile page.

If you haven't already registered to setup your alumni profile do so now by clicking the 'Join Here' link, find and click your name to register. Once your registration has been approved, you will have access to many wonderful resources to keep you in touch with your fellow classmates!

Our Class Vision: Reconnect with the heart of Blytheville focusing on FAMILY, COMMUNITY, & FRIENDS.


1. Conduct an annual community support event aimed at improving the welfare of Blytheville.

2. Provide annual scholarships and youth literacy programs to students that aspire to further their education.

Enjoy the website!



•   Lisa West (McNulty)  9/19
•   Lee Jessica Johnson (Reddick)  9/23
•   Michelle R. Hooper  9/26
•   Gary McDermott  9/27
•   Dale Woody  9/27
•   Julius Gibson  9/28
•   Angelina Mays (Weems)  10/1
•   Andrew Butler  10/2
•   Odessa Hinton  10/2
•   Michelle R. Burns (Kennedy)  10/7
•   Katie Ladd  10/14
•   Jacqueline (Jackie) Mullins  10/14


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