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Never left Bowie, live just a couple of minutes from Bowie High now.

I spent many years working for companies as a controller/CFO before I started my own business as a CPA in sole practice so I could be home for our daughter.

My wife, Kathy, is a government employee working with the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. She is taller than me (but who isn't), smarter than me and beautiful.

Brigid is my daughter and the best thing that's come along in my life, besides my wife. She's fun, cute and just a joy. She's attending the French Immersion School at Robert Goddard and doing well.

Last year, I received the biggest challenge of my life. As we get older, our health becomes a priority. In May 2008, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). I struggled early with it, but I have improved. While I still have challenges, there are those who are in tougher shape than I, so I count my blessings that I have a wonderful family, faith and support system.

If you want to e-mail or call, please do. I would love to hear from anyone to keep in touch.


School Story:

I remember Joe Apichella (Mr. A) getting a permanent and he said he wasn't going out for lunch that day. I quipped, "With that hair, I wouldn't leave, either." He threw an eraser at me, nailed my calculator and then my shirt. I went to throw it back and he yelled back, "O'Connor, 25 points off your grade if you throw that back!" Needless to say, I didn't.

To this day, I still talk to Joe and he remembers that incident. He stills says he's grateful to me for never saying a thing to anyone as I could have gotten him fired. I just tell him I deserved it, but the rules were different at that time.