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•   Connie Elizabeth Osier (Gauvin)  4/21
•   Janie Louise Osier (Miller)  3/18
•   Mark Doane  2/7
•   Brandon Carroll Foster  1/5
•   Mary Sue Hilton (Weeks)  8/28
•   David Llewellyn Osier  8/14
•   Donald Osier  8/11
•   Marissa Hilton  8/10
•   Christopher Doane  8/10
•   Megan Doane  8/10
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3 live in Connecticut
2 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
3 live in Louisiana
66 live in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
7 live in Massachusetts
8 live in New Hampshire
1 lives in New York
1 lives in Oregon
2 live in Texas
1 lives in Vermont
1 lives in Virginia
1 lives in Washington


•   Keith Wass  1/5

Welcome to the

Hilton Family web site 

for descendants of

Willis and Linda Hilton


Check These Out.  A new photo of Linda and Willis taken around the time of the marrage has been added to Willis, Linda Pix (See bar on the left).  Also, clippings about the funerals of Rhoda and William Bainbridge Hilton are added under The "Old" Folks, as well as a clipping describing the apparent suicide of Willis' older sister Isabella. 

John Willis Osier has published his long-awaited memoirs of life in the Bremen, Maine.  Called "As I Remember..." it consists of stories from his days as a boy and young man.  All the Hilton family members should read this.  Copies are available from John for only a small charge of $11.50 to help cover the printing costs.  The Bremen Library has a copy also.  In addition to urging him to put his stories down in writing, John's daughter Connie Osier Gauvin edited and formatted the book for printing.  As she says in the foreword,    "What a wonderful gift for future generation." 

2009 Reunion.  Fifty-four people attended  the Hilton Family Reunion July 26 and all appeared to have a good time, despite the fog and rain!    I've put some of the group photos on the site, with more to come.  Click on Reunion Pix on the lefthand bar.   Also, whether or not you attended the reunion, please look at the Comment on Reunion forum, also on the left, and leave your comments!  I've started it off. 

Did you leave something behind at the Reunion?  Please check the Lost & Found on the left to see if I found it. 

Family Member List.  The Member Profile section should include a complete list of all descendants of Willis and Linda Hilton  (everyone, including step, adopted, birth, and deceased children).  To Update your Profile, click on Member Profiles and then click on your name in the list.   Women are alphbetized by maiden name. 

For tips on how to add photos and other information to your profile, and  for using this site, click on the "Website How-To's bar on the left. 

If you know a family member who has email but hasn't updated his or her site beyond the basic information I entered please email that person and ask him/her to look at the site.  Or send me his/her email address and I will make the contact. 

Who is missing from the list of Family Members?  It's hard to keep up with all the members of the younger generations!  If you are the parent, grandparent, sibling, etc.,  of someone who is missing from this list, please Click on Contact Us on the left and send an email with name of missing family member.   Please include first and last names, current residence state, and parents as a minimum of information.  Once the missing family members are added to the Profile List, they can enter the website and update their own profiles (or parents can do it for them).