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•   Stephen Daku  10/12
•   Ray Stringer  5/24
•   John Weber  4/13
•   Cathy Orlando (Lamont)  4/13
•   David Seminara  2/7
•   Cynthia Passarella (Ruder)  1/29
•   Steven Hobbs  10/8
•   Steven Caputo  10/8
•   Judy Panaccione (Previti)  10/8
•   Helene Shimanowitz (Hylander)  10/8
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19 live in Florida
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Bridgewater-Raritan High School West
Class of 1971

Welcome to the New Site of Bridgewater-Raritan High School-West Class of 1971 Site

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The address and contact information  was compiled from the Reunion Data.   Please update as soon as possible.  If you have   any contact info on your classmates, please contact the site manager - Dave Seminara,


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 We plan to updates the site with bits of news concerning our days in Bridgewater-Raritan , fellow classmates and our teachers.

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Important Dates (or at least they were in 1971)

Home Coming - October 31,1970

Senior Class Trip - Mount Airy Lodge 1/27-1/28 1971


MT. AIRY MEMOIRS    ( Reprint from the Campus Courier 2/28/1971)

On January 27 and 28 the senior class trooped up to Mt. Airy Lodge for the ultimate (excepting graduation) in senior experiences. There were many activities to participate in such as the following: ice skating, tobogganing, skiing, snow mobiling, swimming, and game rooming. Many seniors invented their own games such as: let's see how far we can slide without the toboggan, how long can I stay underwater without really drowning, how many times can I walk to and from the main lodge without freezing to death, and the ever popular (at least with P.G.) how I'll knock myself out learning to ski. Most underclassmen will not understand these blurbs about the trip, so as you walk along reading the C.C. grab a senior and ask him. By reading this true account, the underclassmen will gain a real insight as to the mental state they have to look forward to as seniors.

What really happened in the pool, Matt? Do you think we believe the story about the chlorine irritating your eye? What did rooms 706, 715, and 736 have in common?.... Hello down there! What sweet senior guy received a phone call and had six lovely gals sing him to sleep... huh, President Steve? The senior class has another Joe Namath, only she got a bloody nose playing football and had to quit. Marrianne, a Nerf ball cannot wet the bed! .... Own up! .... What room had a party in the bathroom?.... Who made the seven dollar phone call? When the seniors get awards there certainly will be one for a girl who plays pool nicely. . .try to keep the balls on the table, Val. Crazy Legs and Leaky Elbows were not sitting together. . . .   Could they be drifting apart? At this point the tabulations are not yet complete on who spent the most money in the game room.. but I wonder what certain pin-ball fanatics would have done if we had stayed long enough for them to run out of money. Who skied through the woods yelling for help? ... Jens went skiing. Did someone get burned in the sauna while removing hot- jewelry? Ask Tim. And if the guys in736 didn't appreciate the phone call at one thirty, contact K.C. and D.FL; they are responsible.

I'd personally like to thank the idiot who called my room at four thirty in the morning. Thanks are also due to the sweet chaperones who made the bed check at two in the morning, and the elephants above us who pounded on our ceiling until the sun lamp fell apart. But the person in my room who deserves the most -sarcastic praise  can afford is the person who decided that we would get up at seven the next morning To her and to the Ace Bandage Company I owe much

In spite of the weird tales the seniors had a fantastic time, and they we hope that the juniors have as good a time as we had. (The trip really jolted a few brains, especially if we are now wishing well upon the juniors!)                             A Senior

School Play - " The Fantasticks - April 1,2,3 1971

Junior Prom - " A Time For Us" May 21,197