Helen Davies Riordan

Profile Updated: August 31, 2009
Year you left St Bede's: 1979
Spouse/Partner: Paul - a kiwi builder
Occupation: Business Manager of our construction company & Mum
Children: Amelia born in 2001. Nickname is 'berroca baby' due to her unlimited energy and amount of words she More…can fit into a day.
Angus born 2002. He is a giant red head. My apologies to Andrew Smith if I ever gave him a hard time about his hair.
Stella born 2005. There's something about Stella - you can't help loving her.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where do you live now?

In the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Where else have you lived?

Cairns, Brampton Island, London

Highlights of your life since primary school:

School was a bit of a waste of time for me but I had a lot of fun when I finished. I worked/skied/partied at Mt Hotham in 1986 and Mt Bulla in 1989. In between I worked in Canberra, Brampton Island and Cairns. I meet Paul (my husband) on Brampton Island when I was 21 but we went our separate ways for 6 years.

I spent 1990 traveling overseas, mostly Europe and applied to Australian Universities as a mature age student from London and the only Uni that accepted me was.......University of Canberra. So back home I went and finished a Bachelor of Commerce in 1993. I worked for Price Waterhouse until I caught up with Paul (husband) in NZ while on a skiing trip. I moved to New Zealand at the end of 1994.

I worked for KPMG for a few years, then had a little mail order business for a while. For the last 7 years I have been running our construction company.

NZ is an awesome place to live (accept for the rugby). We live by the beach in Mt Maunganui and have a little holiday house in Turangi which is at the southern end of Lake Taupo. Its near the North Island ski resorts. We're spending the winter in Turangi this year and the kids go to a school that goes skiing once a week for PE.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. I hope we can get a few more people to make the effort.

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