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Well, thanks to our ALWAYS AMAZING Class President Corey Fisher (aka MR. PRESIDENT) our Sr. Year for class of 1985...I've once again been prodded to plan a reunion...30 years for our class, so at the end of May 2015! Your thoughts?!

  REALLY?!?! What makes you think I wanna see any of those nutty people?!?
  Yay! I'm so EXCITED...and it's already on my calendar...BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! LOL!
  SERIOUSLY...didn't we just go through this song and dance like a year or two ago?
  I am totally it's this May..right...I'll be sure to pack up my skateboard and crash on your couch for the whole weekend...that'd be totally trippin' dude! here...
  I THINK I can find my way...that's on the 405, right outside of Seattle...right? I'm in my car I'll see you in a Jifffy!
  Wait...don't you realize who I am now?!? Ummm..."Mr./Ms. ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS"...clearly you've lost touch with me because I am soooo over that whole CBA thing! Clearly you can see I'm too good for you losers!


•   Dave Benson (1984)  8/17
•   Jim Sowerby (1984)  6/6
•   Stephanie Albertson (Hunter) (1985)  2/2
•   Corey Fisher (1985)  6/17
•   Randi (Kristina) Newtson (1983)  4/5
•   Darren Lange (1985)  9/15
•   Julia Guge (Decker) (1985)  4/13
•   Steve Becker (1983)  10/15
•   Dione Krause (Young) (1985)  10/6
•   Michaelle Yaeger (1985)  3/29
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Canyonville Bible Academy
Classes of 1980 - 1989

Welcome to the Canyonville Bible Acadamy Classes of 1980 - 1989 web site.  We hope you find it helpful inkeeping in touch with your fellow alumni & faculty.

As freshman we started
Scared and all alone
But actually we were all together
Just facing the unknown
We remember arriving on campus
And stepping into the dorm
But we could have never imagined
The life long friendships we would form
Time flew by so quickly
So many lasting memories
Choir Tour, Shaffer Slides & Senior Sneak
Countless games with VICTORIES!
Our CBA family is not easily understood
By those on the outside
But we understand the bond we share
And we celebrate it with pride!
So here’s to more memories made this day
The laughter, the love and tears
May we never forget & keep in touch
For many, many more years!


Kirk Jordan (1984)  1/3