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•   Kathy Betenson (Long)  1/3
•   Gail Cripps  1/2
•   Judy Vandenberghe (Jenson)  12/2
•   Kathryn Christensen (Leigh)  9/25
•   Paul Wheelwright  9/18
•   Gae Rowberry (King)  9/13
•   Gerry Roberts (Roberts)  9/13
•   Richard Cox  9/9
•   L. J. Benson  6/14
•   Danny Walker  5/13
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6 live in Arizona
6 live in California
3 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
3 live in Idaho
1 lives in Kansas
13 live in Nevada
2 live in New Mexico
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
3 live in Texas
109 live in Utah
2 live in Washington
1 lives in Wyoming
16 location unknown


•   Michael Boss  2/19
•   Paul Wheelwright  2/26
•   Lorrie Leigh (Meyers)  3/1
•   Bryan Wood  3/2
•   Lennie Olofson  3/4
•   Boyd Hallman  3/8
•   Mary Heywood (Robinson)  3/22


45th class reunion picture

We had a great time at our 45th class reunion.  Thanks to all who helped and to all who attended.

Cedar High School were a great help and took great care of us at the game abd tailgate party and had the student commons area set up for us to have a wonderful time. I am sorry many of you missed the gathering.

For those of you who for health reasons were unable to attend I will be getting a DVD ready to sent to you in the next few weeks. I couls also make extra copies if anyone wishes one please send $5.00 ($1.99 postage, $1.00 package, $.25 label, and $1.00 blank DVD) to me and I will send you one.

With best wishes,

Gordon Topham
50 W 500 S
Monroe, Utah 84754
(435)527-4339 or Cell (435)201-0381


Hello Classmates, we are in the process of planning the next reunion. For that reason I used larger font.  We do not have everyones correct email address, so those of you who receive this email please email your list of  friends that you have correct email addresses for.  We are wanting input for a good date for everyone. Danny was looking at Aug 5 2017 at the Highschool. We would also like your input on the food, Activities and such.

Please let me or Danny know either by my personal email, this site or my phone number is 435-559-0338.  Joette Corry lives in Hurricane and has the impression that no one has aged but her so if any of her friends could talk her into coming that would be great. 

On a personal note, I had a major surgery two years ago, went into a coma(go figure) and suffered some brain damage in the form of memory loss. Many of you may say "she was already brain dead" but there are a lot of functions of this program that I am still struggling with.  For Instance deaths.  Ned Huntsman just passed a few weeks ago and he is not on the list yet. Thanks to all and hope to see everyone there including myself.  Susan

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