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Vehicle Passes


Vehicle Pass Instructions for Support Vehicle Drivers

 No Extra Private Vehicles
If a member obtains wristbands through your team, he or she is not to bring a vehicle under any circumstance. Vehicle passes may only be applied for through your Group Contact.

Any vehicle accompanying RAGBRAI participants during the week must have a vehicle pass adhered to the lower-left hand corner (driver’s side) on the inside of the windshield.  Drivers and other non-riders traveling in vehicles must wear a non-rider band during RAGBRAI.  Please Note: You do not need a vehicle pass if you plan to park your vehicle at the starting or ending towns during the week of RAGBRAI.

In an effort to control traffic congestion on the routes and in the towns, we must limit the number of passes we issue each year.  The number of vehicle passes is limited to only 1,500.  The vehicle passes are for groups of three or more who have requested vehicle passes.

RAGBRAI officials and the Iowa State Patrol will prepare a route for support vehicles that avoids the riders’ route and leads drivers directly into the next overnight community.  The map of the support route will be available only at the Information Centers in the starting and overnight towns, at the RAGBRAI Merchandise and Information stands located near the Information Center in the campground and in each downtown area and on our web site before the ride.  Ttypically, the vehicle route is posted online by July 1st.

Our number one concern is the safety of the riders and we’re sure it’s yours also.  The bicycle route isn’t closed to motor vehicles, but we ask your cooperation by not driving on it.  By accepting a vehicle pass, you agree not to travel on the bike route and not to go into any pass-through towns. If you are found on the bicycle route, the Iowa State Patrol will remove your vehicle pass, and your campground privileges will be forfeited. We have been advised by the Iowa State Patrol that, for your safety, all speed limits and motor vehicle laws will be closely enforced on all highways leading to overnight towns. Please drive carefully.

Each day one of the pass-through towns is designated as a meeting town for you and your riders. We will indicate on the support vehicle map the routes into the meeting towns that you may use to meet your riders and enjoy the hospitality of the local residents.