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We Love Cycling!



*“SWINE TREK” 2018 Ride, registration is open. Click 



*Seasonal Weekly Rides

Weekly B Ride The moderately paced ride is generally around 12-14 mph. Distance is 17 to 25 miles. Speed may vary with participants. Regrouping every 3 to 5 miles or as needed.

The locations will alternate between Cedar Valley Nature Trail (CVNT) trailhead in Hiawatha and Sokol Park across the street from the Czech museum.

  • Where: CVNT trailhead rides are the 1st, 3rd Wednesdays.
  • Where: Sokol park rides are the 2nd & 4 Wednesday
  • When:  Starting at 5:30 pm

This moderately paced ride is generally around 12-14 mph. Distance is 17 to 25 miles. Speed may vary with participants. Regrouping every 3 to 5 miles or as needed. No one is left behind. 

Weekly D Group Ride
C Group Ride - 
Advanced paced ride and generally around 15-18 mph. Distance is 20 to 29 miles. Regrouping every 7-10 miles or as needed

D Group Ride -This is a fast-paced ride around 18 - 22 mph. Distance is 25 to 35 miles. This ride is in conjunction with the Tri club

  • Where: CVNT rides
  • When:  Starting at 5:30pm

Saturday and Sunday Rides - Check Ride Calendar

* HBA welcomes and encourages new group riders!  

The HBA board would like to remind everyone that you must be an HBA paid member to ride with our groups.  Everyone can be a guest rider once.  If you have been enjoying riding with us, then please send us your application with enclosed dues.  A single membership is $30.

When your membership dues have been received your name will be added to the "HBA Member Profiles" list, then you can join the site.   If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the board members. ( The board names and email addresses are under the link HBA Board)


* Attention Ride Leaders!

  • Please print a ride sign-up sheet and bring it with you to the ride for all participants to sign. Have them include their phone number as well as their emergency contact.
  • Wednesday and Saturday ride leaders should stay at the back so no one is left behind.
  • Sunday rides tend to be faster so you will need to ride at the front.
  • Remember to post your ride reports in the forums under "Ride Reports" to share the fun with everyone!


* Tips on First-time Log-ins

Go to the upper right corner of the Home Page
below the LogIn Button,

click  Join Here

  1. New Screen:
    Click the rectangular button: 
    Search Classmates
  2. type 3 or 4 characters of your name, and then
  3. scroll down & click your name if listed.
  4. New screen:  JOIN HERE
  5. Your Log-in ID is the same as your email address.

If we do not have your name on the list, a button at the bottom of the page will appear inviting you to join us!


•   Nate Bohlmann
•   Michael Wesner
•   Paul Pompi


•   Cathy Jochimsen (Bayne)  5/25
•   Julianna Freeman  5/24
•   Joel Rudd  5/16
•   Kathy Christensen  5/15
•   Michael Wesner  5/14
•   Dennis Thies (Thies)  5/10
•   Nancy Geiger (Geiger)  5/7
•   Susan Hollrah  5/2
•   Michael Johnson  4/11
•   Dale Jackson  4/6
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