50 -Year Reunion


50-Year Reunion


Date of reunion – Sometime in 2019.


Location of reunion – To be determined.


OK! The 46-year reunion was a great "warm-up"! Now on to the (Blue and) Golden 50th Reunion!  Send in your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for dates, locations, activities, etc. to make this once-in-a-lifetime event define why we are "Great", why we are "Fine"! We are the Class of '69!




To help plan the 50-year reunion and information contact:

Gary Daniels, 847 882-5892, gdaniels@askdata.net

Ed Basler, 847 528-8880, ebasler@EJBasler.com

Paul Barthel, 847 525-0472, paulmbarthel@gmail.com

Pat (Natschke) Lenius, 847 848-0931, patlenius@yahoo.com


This link will take you to the Home Page for our class. 

Joining is free (even if you're not attending the reunion) and it provides a means of classmate networking as well as sending and receiving information and notification of other class and high school events.