Middle School Years

(submitted by Mindy Montgomery):  Bexley Invitational
'89 classmates include:  Mary Anne Taylor, Tricia Reed, Carey Gunning, Jackie Beatty, Stephanie Jackson, Jeri Lewis, Keri Howard, Susan Choice (I remember this meet.  I was TERRIFIED b/c I was supposed to sub in the mile relay, never having run it before.  Thankfully, it was canceled!), Mindy Montgomery, Judith Christian, Jenny Ramey, I think that's Jennifer Powell in the front, J.J. DeLong & Janet Friedman

(Mindy Montgomery)
Back Row L-R:  Andrea Freiberger, Jennifer Powell, Julie Walsh, Keri Howard, Sabrina Guysinger, Mindy Montgomber, Mary Anne Taylor, Emily Brown
Front Row L-R:  Mrs. Powell, Felicia Kerney, Judith Christian, J.J. DeLong, Theresa Harken, Jackie Bogert, Shauna Bethel 

(Mindy Montgomery)
Jackie Beatty hittin' the tape.  I think that's Mr. Bradley & Lori Gallagher watching?

(Mindy Montgomery)  Some sort of awards ceremony?
Jackie Bogert, Felicia Kerney, Keri Howard, Theresa Harken ---  who's attached to those green pants? --- Carol Thomas?, and Jackie Beatty?

(Mindy Montgomery)
Susan Choice (I have no idea why I'm holding the trophy, since I was mostly an observer) & Johnetta Moore

(Mindy Montgomery)
Geoff Duncan and his mega-watt smile!

Paulette Finney, Lissa Fewster, Susan Choice, Theresa Harken, Emily Brown, Brooke Wooldridge, Sheila Gallagher

This is some sort of Smith Middle School production, involving our doing a jingle for Pepsi.  I don't remember much, but I DO remember being asked to emulate Michael Jackson getting his hair caught on fire.  (Anyone remember when that happened?)  I said, no thanks.  (Susan Denny)

Smith Middle School:  Julie Juenger, Jeri Lewis, Susan Choice, Stephanie Lane, Lissa Fewster, Carey Gunning  (Susan Denny)

Smith Middle School 1984 (Jackie Beatty)
Shauna Bethel, Jackie Beatty, Keri Howard, Felicia Kerney, Mary Anne Taylor, Kelly Rhodes, Jackie Bogert, Mr. Bradley
Bernadette Dierdorf, (help!) , Emily Brown, Mindy Montgomery, Andrea Freiberger, Sabrina Guysinger, Janet Solomon

Smith Middle School Track 1985 (Jackie Beatty)

Hot Stuff in the Summertime!  (that's my 2-cents!  SD)
Richard Enderlin             circa 6th grade          Todd Oates        (Jeff Davis)

Paulette, Janet, Julie, Jeri, Eric P., Bryan  (Paulette)