55 Year Gallery

Twenty-five classmates and a number of spouses attended the 55th reunion of the Claremont High School Class of 1959. The reunion was held September 26-28, 2014 in Claremont. The following classmates (and spouses, listed in parentheses) attended:

Norm Adams, Luiz Armenderez, Armando Bustos, Beth Batcheller Brownfield, Robert (Lois) Benson, Beth Booth, Judy Burger Carrington (Doug), Armando Bustos, Judy Curtis Martin (Ray), Woody Dike (Judie), Caren Elder FitzSimmons (Phyllis), Marilyn Eley Sell (Dave), Tim Ford, Barbara Fleming Klaris, Tom Frankel (Varda Topkis), Nancy Gray Keyes, Betty Haas Hammond, Lee Herold Jackman (Duane), Richard Martinez, Joan Parks Hearst, Tina Pomeroy Grodem, Fred Rinard (Joan), Connie Richardson Yancey (Bill), Joan Saario Holder (Ron), Steve Young (Michele)

Beth Batcheller Brownfield and Woody Dike enjoy the Opening Reception at the Carrington home


Tom Frankel, Steve Young and Norm Adams

Michele Young and Varda Topkis

Ron Holder, Joan Saario Holder and Fred RinardRon Holder, Joan Saario Holder, and Fred Rinard

Tim Ford, Steve Young, Michele Young, Lois Benson

Barbara Fleming Klaris and Judie Dike

Luiz Armenderes, Ric Martinez, Woody Dike

Village Grille Breakfast on Saturday Morning

Betty Haas Hammond

Marilyn Eley Sell and Beth Batcheller Brownfield

Barbara Fleming Klaris and Judy Burger Carrington

Ginger Elliott, former Exec. Director of Claremont Heritage leads a walking tour through the Village

Ginger Elliott describes some of the public murals in the Village

Brian and Alison Wilcox

Armando "Art" Bustos

Doug Carrington and Barbara Klaris

Lois and Robert "Benny" Benson

Nancy Gray Keyes and Joan Parks Hearst

Caren "Kyrie" FitzSimmons and Phyllis Nelson

Judy and Doug Carrington

Luiz Armenderez


Dave and Marilyn Eley Sell

Barbara Fleming Klaris

Joan Parks Hearst

Woody Dike and Beth Batcheller Brownfield

Phyllis Nelson and Caren "Kyrie" Elder FitzSimmons

Joan Rinard

Beth Booth and Tina Pomeroy Grodem

Ray and Judy Curtis Martin

Ariana Martinez (daughter of Rich Martinez) and Fred Rinard

Robert "Benny" Benson

Nancy Gray Keyes

Richard Martinez displays some of his koi watercolors

Lee Herold Jackman and Duane Jackman