In Memory

Howard Gilbert

Howard Gilbert


February 26, 2018

Howie passed away peacefully today. More details will be provided as available. 

A class gathering in Memory of Howie will be held Wednesday, April 18, 11:30 am at Centro Basco, 13432 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710. Refreshments hosted by Richard Lewis. 

Please RSVP (see link at top of left column) if you plan to attend so we will have a guest count. Other family & friends are welcome. Please list them as guests.

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02/27/18 09:17 PM #4    

Harry Harrison (CHS '60)

Howard was my next door neighbor for many years. I remember his and Gary. I will miss him.

02/28/18 08:29 AM #5    

Bill Steiner

Going to miss you, will always remember the good times....

02/28/18 02:25 PM #6    

Bob Zappa

I had the opportunity to see Howard in 2013 when he came to NJ with Richard Lewis and other classmates. He also called me after my wife, Marcia, died to offer condolences. He was a caring, thoughtful classmate and friend. 

03/01/18 07:52 AM #7    

Stephen Isaacson

Howie and I share a birthday.  We always congratulated each other about reaching "another milestone".  I probably knew Howie as long as I knew anybody (including all of you who were in the 4th grade with us at Sycamore School).  I think he must have really appreciated the gentle kindness that CHS 61' showed him in his last years when he wasn't feeling so well. Peace, brother.....

03/01/18 11:02 AM #8    

Melinda Saunders (Melrose)

Rest well, Howie.  You always showed us a smiling face and positive conversation over the years. Tell any of our classmates you run into that we remember all of you.  Any help you can send to us from where you are, will be appreciated!  :-)    Melinda


03/01/18 03:27 PM #9    

Charles Zetterberg

Howard and I drove to Yosemite shortly after our graduation in 1961, as I was trying to get a summer job up there.  I was told to "come back next year" so we drove all night back to SoCal.  Howard was great company and, along the way, taught me how to accelerate more smoothly (yes, stick shift) and, with kindness, how to come to a stop correctly without jerking ("just release the brake a little bit as you gently come to a stop"). We remained friends and occasionally in touch over the years. Good to hear his voice and talk a bit on the phone at the most recent '61 lunch at Eureka in Claremont. RIP Howie.

03/02/18 07:09 AM #10    

Bill Kieselhorst

Howie, you are one of my oldest buddies, and you have always greeted me as such and reminded me of the soul we share - CHS '61 homeboys!  And that's a reality.  You have a good heart and a great sense of humor that I will always hold dearly in memory of you.  You could see the absurdity of any situation and turn it into raucus laghter.  I have enjoyed encountering you over the years, as we've actually, finally, reluctantly matured.  You will always be a warm rambuncious friend, and may we never recover from that recklessness!  Thanks, Howie, and rest well - and we'll see you soon! 

03/03/18 09:09 AM #11    

Terry Stratton

The week before Howie died---I spoke with him three times that week.  We discussed many things, from his mother to his brother and X girlfriends (new and old) even events we shared that i can not print in this area.  Howie was most appreciative of his old friends like Richard Lewis for all he did Howie plus the many visits he had from Daryl Williams and Harlon just to name a few.

During those converstions, Howie was "positive" and was aware of what his future could bring.  Howie was really OK and ready for that future,

03/09/18 11:44 AM #12    

Diane Neill

Howie was always very kind to me. So sorry to have another classsmate leave us for the great beyond.

03/14/18 11:15 AM #13    

John Vonder Reith

Howard was a challanger in 8th grade and we came to an understanding after a awarning from me that he was pushing me too  far.  From that point forward, I have  considered him a good friend.  I have fond memories of a good soal and are better for having had him in my life!  God's speed Howard!enlightened



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