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In Memory of Allison Krause Killed May 4, 1970 Kent State

Taylor 6th Grade


Graduating from Kennedy High School in Maryland in the spring of 1969,
Allison Krause was a 19 year old freshman honors student at Kent State University, Ohio when she was killed by Ohio National Guardsmen in the Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970, while protesting the Vietnam war. The Guardsmen opened fire on a group of unarmed students, killing four of them, at an average distance of about 345 feet. Allison was shot in the back at about 343 feet (105 meters).




We Cleveland Heights baby-boomers are a unique group; unusually diverse, bright, and accomplished. Our parents' worlds were so drastically different from ours. By what miracles did they create in us the abilities to become who we are? They survived the Great Depression and WWII. Many of our parents were Holocaust survivors.

My mother grew up in Bellefaire, which had been a Jewish children's orphanage located in Cleveland Heights. My father stood as an armed guard on night duty when he was 9 years old, assigned to help protect his shtetl in Poland from a pogrom. (A nearby shtetl was attacked one of those nights, with no survivors.) He played tag, etc. in WWI battlefields. His family subsequently came through Ellis Island in 1921, the last year the US allowed massive Jewish immigration.

I guess I should say thank you most of all to our parents and their parents for helping to make our worlds better than theirs. - Anne Gutow Chapman


Both my parents were holocaust survivors. My dad just passed last Aug.18 2008...soon to be a year and he didn't want to go! I helped him struggle to stay alive for 9 wonderful mos! I miss him everyday. My parents are stronger than all their 4 kids put together! Don't get me started about the SUV that ran over my little 5'(probably shorter now) mother crossing the street when she was 75yrs old and has steel rods in her leg + arm now! She is 83 and doesn't even limp! They are my heroes!! - Clare Keleman


My dad also left Germany...right as the war was breaking out. His is a fascinating story. They were smuggled out on an Italian freighter and were supposed to go to South America or somewhere...but the blitz happened as they left and they spent the war in Shanghai China (my grandfather actually died and is buried there) as prisoners of war. In the end, the family was stateless, no papers, couldn't really return to their country of origin. My dad drove a truck for the U.S. government in Shanghai after the war, and my uncle enlisted in the U.S. Army. And they subsequently came to the U.S. No other extended family members from Germany survived the war. - Shelley Hornik  Lloyd


My grandmother's afforded me a few laughs too. One such memory was my mother's mother being in Cleveland from Columbus for my brother's graduation from Hts. We were all getting ready to go when my grandmother was checking herself out in the mirror. Before any of us could say anything, she opened the closet door and took out furniture polish and started to spray it on her hair thinking it was hairspray !! We were all laughing and couldn't even tell her before she was done. All we could smell that night was the scent of lemon pledge. Bless her heart!! She also was a great cook, seamstress and of course a great bubbie!!  - Beth Nahamkin 

I have stories but what can I say, both of my parents went thru that hell hole of Europe hiding for their lives. As you can tell they made it, and that is why I am here. - Louis Berman

Never found out too much about my dad's early life. He was an airplane mechanic during WW2, great machinery salesman and was mugged and killed, a mile from where I was born, near the old Mount Sinai Hospital, in 1983. Mom skipped two years in high school, and was one of the first woman to get a law degree. Five state regional manager for World Book Encyclopedia, raising six children by herself for six years, putting 5 of us through college. Mom is buried in Safed, Israel, behind my brother's house. Both parents would help anyone, and I miss them both dearly.  - Charles Balcher