PHS-'70-Survey for 50th Reunion

We would like your input to help us make plans for our 50th reunion.  Please respond by June 1st.  Results will be shared.  Thank you. 


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1)   * How many days/events would you like to see?

  Not planning to attend
2)   * To help figure out a head count, at this point do you plan to attend our 50th reunion in 2020?

Yes No
3)   Do you prefer buffet style service or sit down meal?

  Sit Down
4)   * What cost bracket do you feel is reasonable for you to attend (per person)? Not including lodging, other meals, or transportation.

5)   * Would you like to see optional sign-up interest groups? i.e. interest groups defined as common interest activity on your own at planned time for shared experience (prior to Sept 18, or after Sept 20)

6)   * Which interest group activities would you consider joining? (Other suggestions may be left in the comment section at the end. Thank you)

  Day trip to Cripple Creek
  City tour – CS growth and development, possible stops
  Farewell brunch on Sunday Sept 20
  Golf team(s)
  Colorado Rockies game (if CO date is available)
  Palmer tour
  Manitou / Old Colorado City exploration
7)   * On a scale of 1 to 5, How important is having liquor (i.e. cash bar) to you?

  1=won’t attend if there is one
  2=not important
  3=doesn’t matter either way
  4=prefer to have
  5=won’t attend if not available
8)   * If you live outside of CS, will you need hotel accommodations?

Yes No
9)   * If we can reserve a block of rooms at a set hotel at a group rate, would you book a room this way?

10)   * Are you willing to help contact businesses to sponsor our reunion?

Yes No
11)   * Comments: