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01/22/09 05:27 PM #1    

Tina Falasca (Kistner)

Welcome to the Grandview Heights High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/16/09 08:51 PM #2    

Tracy Popovic (Galway)

What's your favorite memory of GHHS?????

Yearbook "class" was a favorite. I always got a kick out of the Mr. GHHS contest. And, I have many fond memories of being a mat stat for wrestling and reminded of wrestling tournaments when I hear songs from Vision Quest! Lots of fun in DeSilva's COE class senior year.

02/27/09 05:59 PM #3    

Allison Schilder (Brammer)

Can anyone say TOGA!!! ???? Memeories/stories/thoughts/ oh how I canthink of many.:}

03/01/09 06:56 PM #4    

Allison Schilder (Brammer)

Maybe someone with family in Columbus might be interested in making some cash...we could check around?Also for future notice our little ones are back in school during that time down here in the south...anyone else have that problem?

03/02/09 04:55 PM #5    

Chris Lewis

Ah...those Toga parties. Hmmm, memories of them are a little hazy. Go figure.

03/04/09 01:17 PM #6    

Alex Murray

Fondest memory of Grandview? How about not so fondest....having to miss the toga part thanks to having mono!! I just think the best times were being able to ride bikes everywhere and the freedom I had as a kid. I know kids nowadays don't have that like we did. Remember the 5 cent lollipops at Apex market in the old fashioned vending machines? If you pulled the thing for two at the same time after inserting a nickle you got two!! I learned that trick from my sugar addicted brother. Halloween was always fun so much free candy!! If you could just get through that embarrassing walk around the block all dressed up. The worst was having to walk around the high school. Anyone remember when John Hoberg was "animal" from the muppets in first grade? I remember dressing up as a grape one year and having all my grapes 'popped" before even leaving the Edison playground for the parade. Fun times....

05/04/09 09:56 AM #7    

Chris Carr

A few more...

Remember Rob Woodall, our Jr. High English teacher? I read in the paper a few years ago that he had passed away; I believe from cancer. I really liked and respected him and his teaching style.

Linda Meister was also a positive impact...we had those Jr. High exercises that was supposed to improve our reading speed and comprehension...Forrest and I also competed to go as fast as possible.

Mr. Tatman, he admitted the dinosaurs were scary when he was growing up...bumped into him the other day...still looks great, same pastel blue shirt, same white hair. He knew exactly who I was.

One of the biggest to impact my career is Susan Coffman. She was tough, but her commitment to excellence carries over into my writing, editing and composition skills. I still have and periodically use the writing style guides we used in school.

Ray Corbett is still teaching and coaching Grandview Boys basketball...they had a great season this year and did well in the tournament. Good coverage in the Columbus Dispatch.

After retiring, Bob Horr worked at the Grandview Library and spent some time on the radio. I did not think too much of him - seemed like a very angry man...

Last thought for now...Mr. Hain and Mr. Eckhert and 6th grade camp - fun times. With Larry Larson waking us all each day with "Attention Grandview campers... ahhhhhtention Grandview campers..." Remember???


05/04/09 10:24 AM #8    

Lori Boring (German)

I ran into Mr. Larson last fall at the Giant Eagle in UA. He said he's still working with the camp program - isn't that great?!

My most horrifying moment with Mr. Eckert was when someone wrote "I hate Mr. Eckert" in my reading folder and he called me up to his desk when he was going through them.
I don't think he believed me that I didn't write it. Which one of you did that?! That's probably the only bone left that I could pick with whoever it was. Argh!!!

05/04/09 04:48 PM #9    

Allison Schilder (Brammer)

Any chance we could get some of those teachers still there to come to the reunion? Wouldn't that be a hoot. I'm sure some of us would love to let them know how we turned out. I also think it would be fun to speak to them as adults and join in with them socially. Wonder how many of " Us stood out" to them?

05/05/09 02:42 PM #10    

Chris Carr

Allison - great idea...I'm sure there are lots of teachers still in the area.

Lori - your story about Mr. Eckhert is a riot, maybe not to you, but I laughed out loud...Mine would be tripping after the half-time show at an away game while marching off of the field in front of hundreds, rolling over my drums and splitting out the seat of my band-uniform. I believe it was junior year.

05/26/09 09:41 AM #11    

Sherri Skaggs (Edinger)

Mrs. Coffman still lives on Inglis and I see her usually when I take the kids around at Halloween. Mr. Tatman was the best, some of had him in both Jr High and High School. And who couldnt forget Mr. Mariot (cant remember how to spell it now). You either loved him or hated him. And some of us had him for volleyball too. He was definetly a passionate man. And gotta love when he wore shorts and his wooden leg. He too has passed but will not be forgotten. Mr. Eckhart is Guidance Counselor at the Intermediate/Middle School. [For those dont know, Stevenson is K-3, Edison is Intermediate 4-5, Jr High is now Middle School 6-8 and High school is the same]. I would love to see some of the teachers too! And I would love to see some parents too. I remember the band parents and hanging out at people's houses.

05/31/09 10:01 PM #12    

Lynn Crigger

Hi everybody,

I just heard through a friend of mine that Mrs.Coffman is retiring.I believe the end of the school year this year.She was a good teacher.

Cheryl Lynn Crigger

08/04/09 02:29 PM #13    

Allison Schilder (Brammer)

Hey if anyone is coming into town on Friday where are you staying? Does anyone want to hook up then?

08/11/09 11:00 PM #14    

Tracy Popovic (Galway)

Looking for a nearby hotel for the reunion? The varsity inn on Olantangy is only $64/night and newly remodeled.

08/18/09 08:41 PM #15    

Allison Schilder (Brammer)

Some good ones at Mill run in Hillird also,,easy access to Dublin rd and Grandview 10 min. max. Also free continiental breakfast..:}Easy on and off highway.
Wow it's been 20 years in the waiting...see ya all REAL Soon.

08/19/09 09:56 AM #16    

Lori Maish (Christophersen)

I hope everyone is able to make it on Saturday to the reunion! I had a great time at the 10 year and can't believe we're at 20!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all! We had a great class!

08/23/09 08:44 AM #17    

Tracy Popovic (Galway)

Saturday night's reunion event had a great turnout and was great to see everyone!

08/23/09 08:06 PM #18    

Mike McCloud

I hope everyone had a good time. I am sorry that i could not make it to either event. I was in Bristol for a race that our driver qualified for and that required my presence at the track. Will there be any photos posted from the events?

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