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Marcia Chyrchel (Kfoury)

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02/05/18 08:50 PM #1    

Carol Adams (Caley)

Just last evening, at our Super Bowl party, I was telling the story of how Marcia and I crashed the Academy Awards dinner in 1969. Yes! It is true.

Why did we do it? Marcia's boyfriend was a singer who wanted to break into show business. His plan was to crash the dinner, leap onto the stage, seize the microphone, and dazzle everyone with his talent. This, we had to see.

We put on our makeup and prom dresses at a gas station, drove to a swanky LA hotel, stepped over the velvet ropes, and walked in with a group of invited guests! No one stopped us. We hung out in the bar during dinner (all the seats in the dining room had place cards). Lots of guys tried to hit on us, but we had a line for them: "We're waiting for Mr. Goldring." That was Marcia's idea. I was terrified of getting found out, but it seemed to work. When dinner was over, we went to the dance floor, where I turned just in time to see Elizabeth Taylor in her famous blue gown, wearing the gigantic diamond that Richard Burton had given her.

What about the boyfriend? We saw him being hustled out a side door by security. But nobody questioned two teenage girls who in hindsight must have looked pretty silly in our prom gowns.

Marcia, thanks for the crazy memory and great adventure. You were brave. I was not. Rest in peace friend.

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