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04/28/15 05:27 PM #1    


Angeline Rumfola (Fairchild)

It's heartbreaking to learn of all our classmates that have passed. 

05/14/15 01:54 PM #2    

Karen Rounsville (Everett)

Hi there!  I would like to see the reunion held in September or October, if I had a choice, but am anxious to see everyone regardless of when it is held!  Karen Everett

05/14/15 05:19 PM #3    


Angeline Rumfola (Fairchild)

HI Karen.

Glad to see you made it to the site! Thank you for your input and will note your comment. You can further help us plan the perfect reunion by completing the survey.  I too am looking so forward to seeing everyone!

~ Angeline 

05/19/15 02:49 AM #4    

Judy Ann Hynes-Smith

I am the one who wrote down to invite Miss D or Mrs. S.  They are one in the same.  Miss Davison in Junior High who got married and became Mrs. Sysmanski.  Just wanted to clear that up.  Thanks for all the work you all are doing.  Looking forward to the reunion.  Sure wish more people would get their profiles out there.  Tons of the missing people are right on Facebook.  Don't understand it!


06/22/15 03:39 PM #5    


Angeline Rumfola (Fairchild)

Hi Classmates 
Mellow is the man who knows what he is we wouldn't want to leave you guessing bout a thing you really ought to know...
So, please whitelist the following two E-mail addresses by adding them to your contacts/e-mail address book to ensure you're receiving all reunion email updates from the website. Also, please log in to the site and go to your "notify me" settings under Member Functions and be sure all the settings are set so you do receive important notices and updates from: NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS, UPDATED PAGES, MESSAGES AND EMAILS FROM ME as your ADMIN.
Thank You, Angie

03/31/16 08:15 AM #6    

David Wirth

There is a prize for any classmate who can remember all the words to the "Moonbird" song that was sang at almost every part I was at. 

04/04/16 11:05 PM #7    


Jill Owens

The Moonbird sits way up in the tree, prettiest site you ever did see...the Moonbird, Plph. Plph, Plph, Plop...the Moonbird, Plph, Plph, Plph, Plop

And if you look up you better look right down, to see where the Moonbird shit on the ground...the Moonbird, Plph, Plph, Plph, Plop....the Moonbird, Plph, Plph, Plph, Plop.

...something , something, something...comon lick me!  I cannot remember the third verse...anyone else?


04/18/16 06:23 PM #8    


Angeline Rumfola (Fairchild)

I'm pretty sure Deb Bennet Reyes could answer this or the master moonbird...Rodney Thompson! 


03/04/17 10:44 AM #9    

William Howe

Sorry Rich! Made a mistake yesterday! It was your brother George who used to party with us behind the school! Happy Birthday anyway!

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