50th Class Reunion

We're a little older than we were when this picture was taken, but we're more experienced at partying! That's a good thing...we plan on a lot of partying as we celebrate our 50th year out of Wahlert! We're looking for ideas and we're open to anything! Some ideas already out there include a concert (either a group like The Association, a cover band, or getting our "local bands from the 60s together), a dinner, a picnic...

We were contacted by Wes Eller (DHS Class of '68) to explore the idea of a night of joint celebrating with our friends from Senior and the Visitation. At that time, John Danner created a FaceBook group for the Wahlert Class of '68 and we've begun communicating there as we begin planning (https://www.facebook.com/groups/520885841430375/). If you're on FaceBook, join the group! We're sharing a lot of ideas there...I want to get this site out there, but I'll check to see if there is some way to post the FaceBook info on this site. John also invited Wahlert's Alumni Coordinator, Christine McAllister, to join that group. She will be looking at venues and is 100% on board with our concept.

Because we wanted feedback, we developed a survey that was sent out to everyone for whom we had an email address. (If you check the "Missing Classmates" link, that wasn't a lot of people. We need emails to communicate!) Here's a link to the survey if you'd like to see the questions--

Here are the results of the survey that were posted in the FaceBook group--

As a result of the input from that survey, we have a date! Mark your calendar for August 17-19, 2018!!

We're looking at one night for a Wahlert-only event and another for the joint event. Nothing has been planned yet for Sunday, but we're open to ideas for that, too!