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Reunion 55 Finance

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Our 55-yr reunion was not only a fun time for all who attended, it was a financial success, too! Ticket sales were handled using a tool on our website called Event Manager. Doing it ourselves instead of hiring a professional manager as we did for the 50-yr reunion, reduced costs, of course. However, what really guarranteed a successful reunion was the money we received up-front.

Two very generous classmates contributed a total of $1500 to help ensure we'd have a memorable occasion without pricing anyone out. While these individuals wish to remain anonymous, their generosity deserves to be heralded. You don't have to know who they are to thank them. When enough of us spread the word that "we appreciate their generosity" -- they'll hear it. It's the least we can do.

Reunion 55 was attended by 68 people -- 45 Grads of '64, and 23 Guests. The list of attendees is posted on elsewhere the Reunion 55 pages. Here is how the money breaks down:

Summary of Income & Expenses
(Note the Substantial Contribution by Two Classmates)

More detail is shown on the Income & Expense Statement (pdf).

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