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     Military Service: 68
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Danny Abbott     
Tim Barber   
Bob Bingham    
Howard Burley    
Jim Butts   
Paul Carlson    
Jan Christ   
Mike Cunningham     
Jerry Dahl   
Steve Date      
Jim Davis   
Jim Donaghy    
Ellory Dougherty     
William Ellis    
Stan Fish    
Bob Fraser   
Bill Fulton    
Jerry Gay   
Tom Gepner   
Bruce Hale   
Terry Hall   
Mike Hass    
Brian Healy    
Lyle Holcomb     
Todd Hunter    
Tom Jenkins    
Lyle Johnson    
Michael Jones    
Andy Joy   
Jim Kelling    
Mike Krebs    
Tom Losey   
Jim Lum  
Lee McAllister     
Bob Nelson   
Frank Olin   
William Orr    
Jim Passi   
Ron Patton   
Al Phillips    
Barry Rice    
Tom Rostad    
Ron Ruosch    
Peter Sabin    
Gary Sager   
Frank Sargent    
Frank Scobby    
Bob Searle   
Dave Seitz     
Jerry Speaks    
Bob Stoe    
Jim Thayer    
Don Thorne    
Gary Wall   
Ron Wilson    

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