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Passion  |  Planning  |  Perseverance  |  Perspective


Goal:  Author a book that is a roadmap for entrepreneurs that will enable them to focus on four of the main attributes of starting and running a new company, organization or endeavor.

When I finally started my own company, Houston 2-Way Radio, in 1990 I faced many hurdles and roadblocks.  As I thought about starting the company, I had to do two things

1), start the company and keep it going and 2) spend enough time thinking about the qualities which I possessed (or thought I possessed) that could really help me define myself and my business.  At that time, I may not have named them THE 4 Ps OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP ™ I ultimately discovered that these four attributes were key to my success.  The title is also a play on the four Ps of marketing:  Price, Product, Promotion, and Place.


Action Plan:  Share my knowledge and experiences in each chapter.  Engage entrepreneurs to contribute their knowledge and experiences for the chapters where they feel they can add their unique perspective.  50% of the net proceeds from the sales of books will be given to charities of the contributor’s choice.