Q.Can I attend if I didn’t graduate from that high school but attended many years with most of the high school alumni?

A. Yes!  You should contact the reunion planner who is managing your high school class reunion. Give them your contact information and request an invitation. They will be more than happy to extend the invitation to you and include you in the class alumni list.

Q. I’ve sent in my payment but haven’t received my ticket for my reunion.

A. It is common that high school class alumni do not receive class reunion tickets. Your confirmation and receipt are your cleared check or credit card transaction. At your reunion, your name will appear on a guest list at the registration table. If you’d feel more comfortable confirming your registration, please contact the professional reunion planner organizing your class reunion.

Q. I’m a teacher, can I attend the reunion?

A. Teachers are never turned away! Its added excitement to the class alumni when they find out that their teacher is going to attend their class reunion. Please be sure to contact your reunion committee chairperson or professional reunion planner in advance.

Q. What should I wear to my class reunion?

A. The most common attire for a high school class reunion: comfortable clothing for the Sunday Brunch event is acceptable (We understand no one wants an 8 or so hour drive in tight jeans and sweats are more comfortable).

Saturday evening we do ask that you dress semi-formal. You probably already have an outfit in your closet that generates compliments. Comfort is the key to enjoying yourself at your high school reunion.

Q. I can't attend one of the events. Can I attend just one of the events.

A. Yes, by all means! 

Q. Is there a registration deadline?

A. Yes, please look over your RSVP paperwork

Q. Can I see who else is coming to the Reunion?

A. Yes, our website is the place to go for this information. On the left hand side, click on Classmate Profiles and it will show at the top who is attending under the Attending Evening Event link.

Q. What is the cost to have a class reunion?

A. It costs a good chunk of money to host a class reunion. Which is why we ask for donations and we have fundraisers, as well as merchandise for sale. We do not make much off of what we sale. We do not make anything off of what your registration fee is. The registration fee is only for your evening event meal this year. 

Q. Why did some of our classmates not know about the reunion?

A. We have sent RSVPs to everyone that we had from 4 different compiled lists of classmates names and addresses. We searched for most recent address updates. We also asked and inquired about classmates contact information. Please direct them to the Admin of the site and to make sure they update their contact information immediately upon getting a new address, phone number or email. 

Q. I'm here? Where do I sign up?

A. You can click on the Reservation Link and sign up and pay there. You can also click on our most recent survey and enter your information there and it will prepopulate for us. 

Q. How often is a class reunion held?

A. EHS Class of 1989 hosts a reunion every 5 years. Our next reunion will be in 2024. We will start planning in 2023. We will start asking for donations and ideas, as well as reunion organization committee members. 

Q. Will the cost of the reunion ever go up?

A. Each time a reunion is hosted you can expect the cost to rise. We are sorry for the inconvenience but the cost if living goes up and so it seems everything raises. We, therefore, have no choice but to raise our reservation fee charge. 

We will, however, try to keep it as low as we possibly can so as many classmates can afford to attend as possible. Why? Because we like seeing all of you and we know everyone likes getting together and playing catch up.

Q. Is housing included with the registration fee?

A. Not this year it isn't. However, in the near future we will be including housing in your registration fee.

Q. Will childcare be available for the evening event?

A. Yes, We have a church youth group that will be glad to watch your children while you attend our nightly event. We do ask, however, that you offer some type of payment or donation to the church for their services and the use of their youth group. 

Q. Transportation

A. Elkins now has Uber service. If you are drinking, we do ask that you get a ride with a sober friend to your destination or call Uber to give you a safe ride. Please DO NOT Drink and Drive!

Q. How do I make a reunion gift?

A. You may donate online on our home page of our website www.ehs89.com to "EHS Class of 1989". We will be making a donation to Elkins High School in honour of our graduating class. We do appreciate all of the donations that we get. 


If you feel we have left out anything please let us know and we will answer your questions and place them here as well in case others may have the same question.