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12% of all sales goes directly to the alumni association to support its annual scholarship program and projects.  Please show your support by purchasing an item from the alumni association online store.  If your class is planning a class reunion, you can order your class reunion shirts on here.  Once a Viking always a Viking.  Go Fetu O Sasa'e.


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•   Nofoaiga Sepetaio Matila (1977)  9/13
•   Faauliuli Sio (2004)  9/8
•   Valasi Brown Meleah (2007)  9/2
•   Emily Posala (2008)  8/28
•   Juniper Maheleone Vaoali'i (2008)  8/28
•   Juniper Maheleone Vaoali'i (2008)  8/28
•   Togamau Tuia (1997)  8/28
•   Rambo Fui (2003)  8/27
•   Togo Kalepo (2003)  8/27
•   Anoalo Timalili Tuliau (Hurst) (1979)  8/21
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In Loving Memory
Of Our Dear Brother & Friend Jake Poyer
"Class of 1979"

Jake Poyer was one of the co-founders & dedicated leaders of the Fagaitua High School Alumni Association. Our very own FHSAA website is part of his numerous contribution to our mission and vision. One of the biggest projects we worked on was our school marquee. Our annual scholarship project continues to thrive because of his leadership.  Like his native village Lauli'i "Moli o le Ava", he was our torch of light to a lot that we do.

Ua misi lave oe Iakopo Poyer.  Fa'afetai mo fautuaga ma lapata'iga mo se lumana'i manuia o tupulaga o tama ma teine tuai a Faga'itua o lo'o papaa'ao i atunu'u i fafo. E le galo lau tautua matavela. O le a faigata ona fa'agalo oe i taimi uma e fai ai mea a le tatou asosi ma le tatou alma mater.

Thank you for your military service to this great country.  Thank you for all that you've done for our alma mater and FHSAA. Manuia lau malaga. Ia sau ia i na alu, aua ua e toto fatu i loto ma agaga o tupulaga le taua ma le aoga o le ola lotonu'u. Alofa'aga mo oe e le mavae.  "IA PA'U SE TOA, TU SE TOA."

Your favorite saying, "GO VIKINGS" ~ You are truly missed.  May your soul rest in peace.  We love you Jake until we meet again:)

On behalf of the FHSAA and Faga'itua Viking Football Team, e momoli tele atu le fa'afetai ma le fa'amalo to all of you who supported our efforts in supporting our Viking Football Team from the day they set foot on Oahu to their very last day on the island of Havai'i nei.  Sa fa'agae'etia lava le loto ma le agaga i le va'ava'ai atu i lo outou loto aoga fa'apea lo outou agaga sapasapaia o alo ma fanau sa faimalaga mai.

Thank you all for your generous donations; thank you for coming out to the games to cheer for our boys and for showing your school spirit and pride; thank you for supporting our Viking Football Team Po Siva on August 13;  thank you for supporting our team through meals and drinks donations; thank you for helping out with getting good deals with PCC and Water Park; and most importantly, fa'afetai i lo outou loto aoga ma le alolofa i alo ma fanau sa fai malaga mai i le laumua o Faga'itua Viking. 

Ia alofa le Atua fa'atutumu mea ua outou fa'agaogaoina ona o lo outou alolofa i le fanau.  God bless your finances and your families.  Manatua le tatou aoga fa'apea le vasega i faiaoga, staff, and administration i lau tatalo especially our football team as they head into the upcoming football season.  God bless you all.  Keep up the Viking Spirit no matter where you're at.  "Once a Viking, Always a Viking."  Go Viking!

I le ava tele ma le fa'aaloalo.  Fa'afetai lava,

Richard Lemaota

FHSAA Hawaii Chapter President. 

Football Team at PCC Aug. 15 - Thank you Hipa Neria and Va'atau Galea'i:)

Football Team Po Siva Fundraise at CCCAS Kanana Fou Church Kunia Aug. 13

Football Team @ Ala Moana Beach Park for BBQ hosted by FHSAA Aug. 8th


Congratulations MS. MARILYNN HOSANNA ELEITINO THOMPSON of Aunuu, recipient of the 2015 FHSAA Scholarship/Jake Poyer Award. Marilyn is the daughter of Aunu'ufou Lisi and Suluo'o Thompson. Marilyn plans to attend ASCC in the Fall majoring in Mathematics. Malo lava Marilynn.

The FHSAA is proud to have awarded this scholarship in memory of our dear friend and member, Jake Poyer. The FHSAA is also very fortunate to have the continuous support of the family of the late HTC Tuatoo Tautalatasi with providing the trophy. Thank you also to Liana's Flower shop in Faga'alu for sponsoring the ula. Faafetai tele lava! 

***New officers for the Hawaii Chapter as of April 24, 2015.  We are moving towards the process of becoming a 501C3 Not-For-Profit Organization.  So there's lot of exciting things to look forward to.   We'll keep you posted with our upcoming events on Oahu.


  Marquee Dedication


Note:  "Alumni Association" wording will be added to our marquee once we secure a sponsor.

 This website is for you! Simply click on Classmate Profiles at the left; click on your senior class year and find your name on the list. Then, register to log in and create your profile page where you can upload photos, and let your classmates know what you have been up to since our Vikings days; or, share a school memory. As a member, you may also send and receive messages; so, be sure to Check Messages, and take a look at our Announcement Board. Then, take a stroll down memory lane by viewing the Photo Galleries and feel free to participate in our forum Fai Sou Manatu. Please be sure to keep checking back for updates and new postings; and let others know about our site, too!

If your name is not on the list of your senior class year and would like to join our site, please  click Contact Us to send me or Peka your name, including maiden if applicable, along with your senior class year and we'll add your name to the list. If you have access to your senior class list and photos, please send it to us so we can enter the names and photos for your class.   

Need your high school transcripts, job verification or high school    diploma verification? 

Contact American Samoa Department of Education Student Services Department.  

Lisa Peau-Mulitauaopele
Program Director, Office of Student Services
Department of Education
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 
Ph: (684) 633-4835
Costs: Transcripts - $3; Job Verification - $10; Diploma Verification - $10

****Please allow 1-2 weeks for US Air Mail delivery 


To ALL seniors:

As you will be transitioning to college, please remember to fill out an online FAFSA before graduation. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is available at . If you need any assistance in filling out the FAFSA, please come to ASCC and ask for me or contact me via phone: 699-9155 ext. 377 or email:
I am the financial aid counselor here at ASCC dealing with all the new students that have never attended college, in assisting with filling out their online FAFSA, and it would really make my job a little easier knowing that all or most of the Fagaitua student's FAFSA have already been taken care of.

Sincerely yours,

Mana'o Satele-Vaovasa

Respect & Humility

To all my Dear, Fagaitua High School Alumni,

I ask that everybody plays an active role in policing our website to ensure that we operate and maintain a respectful site that is conducive to all those that will access it, like your brothers and sisters and especially your parents.  This is a reflection of who we are and  Fagaitua High School. Let's operate in the spirit of RESPECT & HUMILITY. (Be mindful of the language and the pictures that you post on the site) O LE I'OIMATA O LE AGANUU SAMOA O LE FA' fai mai le Tusi Sa, o le sili o na mea o le ALOFA lea...aua o le ALOFA e FAAALOALO ma e AGAMALU. God bless,

Tauapai Laupola

Please take a few minutes to visit the "in memory" section. It would be great if you could add any personal stories about our classmates who have passed.