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•   Bill Goodwin (1964)  8/2
•   Domenick Casuccio (1998)  8/2
•   David Rogers (1961)  7/31
•   Linda Darlene King (Kisner) (1966)  7/22
•   Robert Martin (Marty) Johnson (1971)  7/21
•   Tom Llewellyn (1962)  6/30
•   Cecelia Gallucci (Price) (1966)  6/23
•   Diana Mercer (Miller) (1974)  5/30
•   Candace C. White (Calentine) (1975)  5/29
•   Barry Vingle  5/25
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


•   Michael Daoust (1984)  8/3
•   James Michael Reed (1968)  8/3
•   Bob Cavallo (1955)  8/4
•   Marcella Johnson (Cochran) (1995)  8/4
•   Mariah Dawn Gross (1998)  8/5
•   Robert Scott Goodwin (1987)  8/6
•   Aric Naternicola (1995)  8/6
•   Cinda Storms (Nichols) (1977)  8/6
•   Carol Workman (Grimes) (1975)  8/6
•   Connie Price (Talbott) (1950)  8/7
•   Suzanne Smith (Fox) (1976)  8/7
•   Katherine Bartholow (McClure) (1963)  8/9
•   Malinda Goff (Morrison) (1994)  8/9
•   Michael Prendergast (1979)  8/10
•   Ronald Lane Vanata (1974)  8/10
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4 live in Alabama
15 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
16 live in California
6 live in Colorado
2 live in Connecticut
3 live in Delaware
1 lives in District Of Columbia
84 live in Florida
19 live in Georgia
1 lives in Idaho
14 live in Illinois
8 live in Indiana
3 live in Kansas
12 live in Kentucky
3 live in Louisiana
2 live in Maine
47 live in Maryland
6 live in Massachusetts
6 live in Michigan
3 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
2 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nebraska
4 live in Nevada
2 live in New Hampshire
6 live in New Jersey
3 live in New Mexico
9 live in New York
57 live in North Carolina
62 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
2 live in Oregon
56 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
40 live in South Carolina
16 live in Tennessee
23 live in Texas
1 lives in Vermont
78 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
439 live in West Virginia
1 lives in Wisconsin
2 live in Wyoming
2 live in Japan
1 lives in Spain
1 lives in Switzerland
1 lives in United Kingdom
11,649 location unknown
902 are deceased

Rewind for 8/2/15




Welcome Polar Bears to a website commemorating 84 years of exemplary education at the Loop Park campus on Oakwood Road in Fairmont WV.  Free membership.  Join today.


1.  The address of FSHS Foundation  P.O. Box 91, Fairmont, WV 26555-0091

2.  Seats in the auditorium remain available for sponsorship for $200.00.  A plate with three lines of information will commemorate the donation.

Carol Amos and Linda Morgan happily announce the launch of a Facebook page as they continue to research and write a book documenting the history of Fairmont Senior High School.  Join us, won't you?

Submit memories about FSHS, the quintessential school of excellence, which prepares students for the future while preserving the building and its rich history. 

Graduates, faculty, parents, and the community of Fairmont WV are part of the history of Fairmont Senior High School.  As Carol Ballah Amos and Linda Orr Morgan research and write a history of the school, we invite all those interested to share memories and/or pictures for consideration in the publication.

Voices From Fairmont Senior High School

We welcome and encourage your comments and ask contributors to maintain dignity and decorum appropriate to the mission of documenting the diverse history of an institution. LOM and cja will moderate comments using these guidelines:

Please keep comments relevant. Irrelevant, inappropriate, or offensive comments may be edited and/or deleted.

No profanity. No spam. No sexually explicit or discriminatory material. No personal attacks.

The responses remain public. All readers can enjoy reminiscing about the high school experience. If your comment is chosen for the publication, editing may be necessary. 

Ask your friends to LIKE the page and join the discussion.

If you are not on Facebook and would like to submit a story or pictures, please send to


Class of 1995 Reunion

Save the Dates:
Friday, September 18, 2015- Tailgate at the Polar Bear football game
Saturday, September 19, 2015- late morning tour of the renovated FSHS and evening dinner at Fairmont State University Falcon Center
More information coming soon!!!!
And, if you haven't done so already, please join our Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1995 Facebook page for the most updated information or contact Erin Hager at

Class of 1966 will convene at the Fairmont Field Club on September 24, 2016 for their 50th class reunion.  Contact Cecilia Gallucci Price for more details or see updates here.

If you enjoyed dancing to Pee Wee and the Prophets at the Melody Manor or other dance clubs in the area, reminisce with this recording shared on YouTube.

West Fairmont High School Class of 1965 on Facebook lists updates by Joe Asterino for the reunion. Its time to nail down attendance, gang. If you are attending our 50th, please send either $40 f single or $75 a couple to Mark Trach at 101 Avondale Road, Fairmont, W. Va. 26554. Make check out to "WFHS CLASS OF 65". Update on school tour to start at 1:00 pm on August 29th. Cost includes both Friday and Saturday night.

Congratulations to the 2015 Foundation Scholars

Seth Burton Memorial Scholarship-- Bethany Anne McPherson 
Anthony Pizatella Scholarship--Kayla Marie DeLorenzo 
Rex Stalnaker Memorial Scholarship--Steven Matthew Riggleman
South Fairmont Rotary Scholarship--Michael Anthony Shaw
Davidson Family Scholarship--Dalton Alexander Okel
Brogan Raddish Memorial Scholarship--Holly Lynne Bogdanich

Ross and Dolores Maruka Scholarship--Sarah Marie Topardo

Baylee Alexis Abbott  

TingTing Chen

Sarah Emily Cox 

Francisco Misael Guerrero

Sean Michael Riggleman

Halie Kay Rooks

Rick and Linda Parker Scholarship

Landon Paul Owens

Madison Allyssa Schell

Program of Dedication - 1929  Click on Mission/History

Create a profile to receive free monthly newsletter:  Follow directions below to create a profile.  Graduates must verify interest in receiving newsletter email by registering.  Please tell classmates and spread the word.  

Note the box in the upper right.  To register click JOIN HERE

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If you are already a member please log in at the top grey box.  Update essential information. 

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Don't forget you can log back into your account any time by using the gray login box in the upper right corner of our site's home page at

WFHS-TV of Fairmont Senior High School continues a partnership with the Times West Virginian since 1999.  



Photo credit to Aaron Naternicola:  December 11, 2014 before home wrestling match


Visit the school website for calendar, forms, and announcements:

See the new brochure under announcements below to assist with school projects supported by FSHS Foundation, interested alums, and the community.

Pictured above are members of Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1954 at their 60-year reunion. It was held at the Fairmont Elks Lodge. FRONT (from left) — Virginia Riggi, Lucy Ann Dickerson, Norma Pflock, Duane Carder, Ruth Perkins, Carolyn Romino, Patty Hawkins, Patty Day, Carol Conley, Patty Burke and Rex Hamilton. SECOND ROW — Laura Lobuts, Velva Anderson, Billie Flynn, Ann Lucas, Barbara Snider, Charlie Hirt, Patty West, Nancy Aultman, Thomasena Woodyard, Caleb Tarleton, Eddie Patterson, Kitty Lehman, Ted Craft and Betty Jo Price. BACK ROW — George Taylor, Antoinette Mezzanotte, Joe Jenkins, John Hess, Philomena Colasessano, Jim Weihe, John Orlando, Ken Alkire, Ed Davis, Charlie Russell, Tom Stanberry, Jay Early, Larry Amos, Fred DeChristopher, John Hibbs and David Maselli.


Front row L-R
Karen Lennon, Eleanor Morgan, Marcie Cheslock, Janet Johnson, Peggy Corley, Sally Matthews, Joni Mazurek, Cecilia Raspa, Linda Alvaro, Terry Corwin, Nancy Edwards, Camille Alberico, Patty Bonasso

Middle row L-R
Donnie Metz, Joy Stewart, Elizabeth Deriggi, Mary Jane Curry, Melody Carpenter, Miriam Cimino, Patty Van Gilder, Debbie Adams, Pam Gaston, Patty Linn, Andrea Salvatore, Lettie Ezelle, Barbara Pasquale, Randy Carpenter, Mark Calabrase, Mike Resetar, Bob Elliott
Back row L-R
Frank Stingo, Steve Yerkovich, George Drennen, Richard O'Conner, Marty Utt, Bob Swiger, Rick Wade, Bill Mallamo. Mark Ornowski, Tom Cole, Jimmy Blankenship, Greg Lee, Steve Freeland, Eddie Snider, Cecil Corley, Tom Heck, Mike Lawson, Mark Mallamo, Pete Monell, Herbie Amato, Mike Devericks, Neal Hamilton, Bob Shingleton, John Paknik, Doug Laughlin, Marty VanGilder, Steve Murphy

Class of 1974

First row:   Rick Suplita, Shirley Carder Boggess, Blaine "Ike" Robinson, Anthony Monell, Rick Spragg, Janet Marines Hass, Carol Olsen Clelland, Carl Crandall, Amanda Oakes Shabatura, Bob Rosier, Bonnie Zimmerman Lancaster, Phyllis Monell Branham, Wendy Watkins Betts, Judy DeFilippo Preston, Becky Langford Cross, Karen Costello McDougal, Frances Parrack Loar, David Conant, Kay Springer Mullenax, Michelle Cousins Moore, Jed Smith, Rodney McGinnis, and Bill Martin.
Second row:  Bill Jones, Dianne Webner Wolfe, Sharon Christenburg Tucker.
Third row:  David Manley, Ed Stalnaker, Carol Spencer Williams, and Linda Cox Gowers.
Fourth row:  David Judy, Larry Ash, Linda Satterfield Arbuckle, Marie Whitehair Vandergrift, Sharon Lane Burrows.
Fifth row:  Steve Soles, Edgar Jaynes, Diane Gracy Vester, Janet Lowther Conant, and Larry Rexrode.
Sixth row:  Dan Tonkery, Blake Boggess, Bill Goodwin, Dave Clark.
Seventh row:  Bill Haney, Laura Lee Harry Harki, Gary Gallucci, Paula Inghram Harr, and Andrea Reed Keener.
Back row:  Randy Spragg, Rick Amos, Rick Harter, Jim Harki, Nancy Higinbotham Kincell, Carolyn Tinder Dennison  Judy Criss Davisson , Bill Renner, Jim Varner, Inda Carr, George Michael, Harriet Bachman White, Tom Springer, Frank D'Amico, H. Scott Close.

Congratulations to the 2014 Foundation Scholars

Seth Burton Memorial Scholarship-- Logan Spicer
Anthony Pizatella Scholarship--Sydney Woody
Rex Stalnaker Memorial Scholarship Jared Bartrug
South Fairmont Rotary Scholarship--Ryder Skarzinski
Davidson Family Scholarship--Tori Snyder
Brogan Raddish Memorial Scholarship--Adrianna Constable

Emmalee Faulkner
Austin Norman
Ryan Rosier
Madison Stevenski
Hope Vasicek

Rick and Linda Parker Scholarship

Hope Baublitz

Mandy Cross

Karengton Swann

Fairmont Senior High School Foundation Officers and Board Members

Ginny Davidson, President
Jeff Carpenter, Vice President
Edward Cheslock, Treasurer
Darlene Boyles, Secretary
Matt Delligatti
Gina Ezelle
Tyson Furgason, Principal
Tom Kliethermes
Suellen Lemley
Eddie Parker
Penny Roberts
Vera Sansalone
Rodney Stewart
Leah Welty



Interior of Fairmont Junior High School  1963


Fairmont Senior High School 

U.S. Department of Education names Fairmont Senior High School a High Performing

National Blue Ribbon School

2007-2010  High School That Work Pacesetter School

Benedum Professional Development School

FSU Professional Development School

West Virginia School of Excellence

PBST Exemplar School

West Virginia Exemplary School

2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012.


54475  Can you guess what it's counting?


Fairmont Senior High School cornerstone recently cleaned with restoration of front facade


WFHS TV NEWS thanks the Times West Virginian for the collaborative partnership since 1999.


Seven schools in the county were named Schools of Excellence, which is the gold standard of educational achievement.

Those schools are Barrackville, East Dale, Fairview, Pleasant Valley and White Hall elementary schools; Fairview Middle School; and Fairmont Senior High School.

Fairmont Senior was also named as a National Blue Ribbon School. They were the only high school in the state to achieve the honor.

Seventy-one schools in the state were named Schools of Excellence, and seven of those were from Marion County.

Fairmont Senior has won the eighth consecutive Exemplary School status from the West Virginia Department of Education. Visit the WV Department of Education for details about the prestigious prize.

 WFHS TV NEWS thanks the Times West Virginian for the collaborative partnership since 1999.



Fairmont Senior High School, home of the Polar Bears

A National Blue Ribbon School as awarded by the U.S. Department of Education

An Exemplary School and School of Excellence

     Tyson Furgason, principal  

     Fairmont Senior High School
Fairmont, West Virginia

1867 - 2013



FSHS NEWSLETTER FROM CAROL J. AMOS           June 15, 2015

If you do not want to receive the news just respond with Unsubscribe in the Subject Line along with your class year.  Feel free to share with anyone who would like to read this information.  They are invited to register with me and I can send it directly to them.  This document is a personal creation and is not an official statement by FSHS.  Although I make every effort to verify the facts, mistakes can be made.  Please advise me of any errors. I would like the chance to make any corrections.  I do not want any misinformation circulating.  I’ll correct them in the next newsletter. If you forward this or any other newsletter to other individuals, please credit the source and send or print the newsletter intact. To see pictures and other special features visit
Be sure to put my address in safe email list in address book along with so newsletters and emails go through to inbox.  If you don't designate it as safe it will likely go to junk mail.

The Fairmont Senior High School Foundation presented the following scholarships to 2015 graduating seniors:

Ross and Dolores Maruka Memorial—Sarah Marie Topardo

Seth Burton Memorial—Bethany Anne McPherson

Anthony Pizatella, Jr. Memorial—Kayla Marie DeLorenzo

Rex Stalnaker Memorial—Steven Matthew Riggleman

Brogan Raddish Memorial—Holly Lynne Bogdanich

South Fairmont Rotary—Michael Anthony Shaw

Davidson Family—Dalton Alexander Okel

Rick and Linda Parker Rivesville—Landon Paul Owens and Madison Allyssa Schell

FSHS Foundation General Scholarships—Baylee Alexis Abbott, Emily Tingting Chen, Sarah Emily Cox, Francisco Miseal Guerrero, Sean Michael Riggleman, Halie Kay Rooks

The address of FSHS Foundation   P.O. Box 91, Fairmont WV  26555 for donations to aid in scholarships and teacher grants.  Seats in the auditorium are still available for sponsorship.

Many moving targets to upcoming prep sports reclassification by Doug Smock 

About four months from now, the state’s high school sports will have a new set of classifications for the next four seasons, from 2016 to 2020.

How much will that alter the landscape?  It’s hard to tell.

It’s very, very hard to tell.

The Secondary School Activities Commission’s current four-year cycle concludes with the 2015-2016 academic year.  The second monthly enrollment report from each school lays the foundation for a new cycle.  Those enrollment reports go to the county administrators, which send them on to the state, which sends the numbers to the SSAC.

The SSAC will receive the enrollment numbers, from largest to smallest, without a school name attached.  The Board of Directors will determine parameters for how the schools will be split—will there be an equal number of schools for each class, or will they be split at a sizable gap between schools?

Read the entire article at

Class of 1990:  We are organizing an informal get-together for the class of 1990 at Heston Farm Winery from 4-10pm on July 11. I can take email questions at

There will also be a 30th reunion planning committee at 10am that morning at Clarion Inn on East Grafton Rd

Oak Glen advances to States as Polar Bears fall in Regional Final 8-7.

Congrats to the following Polar Bears on being named to the All-Conference Big 10 Team:

1st Team - Ryan Ricer (Infield)
2nd Team - Nick Davisson (Utility) & Ryan Valentine (Pitcher)
Special Honorable Mention - Jayce Riley
Honorable Mention - Austin Kuhn, Daimen Davis, Stefan Priester, & Trevor DeVaul

Jeff Courtney is driven to become the first ever Deaf Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. He will be competing in the blue belt heavyweight division this Thursday, May 28th at the 2015 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship in California. Jeff hopes to use this as a stepping stone to get in the UFC.  “I cannot imagine the pride that Jeff's family is feeling right now because I know the pride I feel from just growing up around him. You are a wonderful example of a human being, my fine sir. Congratulations on your accomplishment. You don't have to be able to hear the moon or stars to shoot for them....there's no sound in space any way!”  Ame Anderson on Facebook in recognizing Jeff's accomplishments.

Vietnam Wall 

Rick Spencer shared this link which I share with you on Flag Day.  West Virginia has the highest per capita of names on the Wall. We more than did our duty for the nation. This is really sobering. First click on a state. When it opens, scroll down to the city where you went to high school and look at the names. Click on the name and it will give details of the person's death, a picture or at least their bio and medals. 
This really is an amazing web site. Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it. I hope that everyone who receives this appreciates what those who served in Vietnam sacrificed for our country. 
Pass the link on to others, as many knew wonderful people whose names are listed. 

JUNE 2015 TV19 SCHEDULE ON TIME-WARNER CABLE IN FAIRMONT: All programs on web at: http://gfcc.peg. Program on web at

   Time            Program          

7:00    MARION COUNTY EXPO: 04/18/15                 10:00

 7:10   PIERPONT GRADUATION: 05/15/15                20:08

 7:30   FAIRMONT STATE GRADUATION: 05/16/15         1:08:15

 8:38   MEALS ON WHEELS: 05/04/15                          12:44

 8:51   I AM DR. WEBB                                                       13:02

 9:04   HISTORY FATHERS DAY                                        12:26

 9:16   FAIRMONT SCENES NO 6                                     11:36

 9:30   HONOR FLIGHT: LEAVE & ARRIVE DC              17:31

 9:47   WORLD WAR II & FDR MEMORIALS                 11:04



10:38 EAT, LEAVE AND ARRIVE IN WV                        22:21

11:00 OPENING: 3 RIVERS FESTIVAL                            14:28

11:15 MOUNTAINEER MILITARY MUSEUM                14:20

11:30 SAT. AFTERNOON AT 3 RIVERS                          29:01

12:00 ROAD TO RECOVERY: Families May 2015      58:58

 1:00  COUNTY COMMISSION: 04/22/15                    18:08

 1:17  COUNTY COMMISSION: 04/29/15                    34:07

 1:51  COUNTY COMMISSION: 05/06/15                    28:58

 2:20 COUNTY COMMISSION: 05/13/15                     26:58

 2:47  COUNTY COMMISSION: 05/20/15                    47:29

 3:34  CONSUMER SCIENCE 198                                     22:25


 4:00  CITY COUNCIL: 05/12/15                                      55:42

 4:55  FIRST RESPONDERS: 05/09/15                       1:07:24

 6:03  VALERIE GITTINGS ORDINATION                       16:02

 6:19   BIBLE DVD                                                                  4:41

 6:23   VAN GOGH                                                                5:13


"No man is an island, entire of itself...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."  John Donne

Edward Page Summers, 58, of the Meredith Springs Community in Fairmont, passed away Monday (May 25, 2015) in Webster Springs.

He was born July 24, 1956, in Fairmont, a son of the late Harry P. and Vera B. Sconish Summers.

Ed was a 1975 graduate of Fairmont Senior High School.

He was a Methodist by faith.

Ed had previously owned and operated Ed’s Place in Meredith Springs. He had later worked with Mountain Signs and Graphics as well as Road Hog Saloon in Rivesville.

Ed was a member of the Primitive Rendezvous which was pre-Civil War reenactment camping where he was known as “The Inn Keeper”. He also was a member of the Fairmont Muzzle LoadersAssociation.

He enjoyed playing local softball as well as any outdoor activities including hunting and fishing. Ed was a NASCAR fan and was a dedicated fan of Dale Earnhardt.

Survivors include his daughter, Shilo Summers of Fairmont; his son, Ian Guthrie of Wrightstown, New Jersey; his wife, DeChanda Summers of Wrightstown, New Jersey; his sister, Jacqulin and her husband Dwayne Stiles of Fairmont; his brothers, Scott and his wife Bonnie Summers of Fairmont, and James and his wife Vicki Summers ofWorthington.

Memorial donations may be made to the Marion County 4-H, 314 Monroe St. (Jacobs Building), second floor, Room 202, Fairmont, WV 26555-1628. Edward supported the Marion County 4-H and participated with his daughter.

Ed’s family had chosen for cremation services to be held.

Private family services will happen at a later date.

Online condolences may be made to www.fordfuneralhomes. com.

Be well, Polar Bears!  

We shall talk again soon.

Carol J. Amos, FSHS instructor, retired

"What we do shall be remembered." Camelot

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”  Virgil

Fairmont Senior High School--a National Blue Ribbon School


    Fairmont Senior High School Polar Bears group on Facebook

FSHS Foundation, Inc. expresses appreciation to our Fairmont neighbors and supporters of Fairmont Senior High School.  The FSHS Foundation, established in 1992, continues to provide opportunities for Polar Bears through scholarships, teacher grants, and major improvements such as the $350,000.00 restoration of the auditorium.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, here’s how you can help improve our school.


Fairmont Senior High School Foundation, Inc.
Attention: Ed Cheslock, Treasurer
PO Box 91
Fairmont WV 26555-0091

Executive Board members:  Virginia Davidson, Ed Cheslock, Tom Kliethermes, Jeff Carpenter,  Darlene Boyles, Principal Tyson Furgason, Eddie Parker, 
Vera Sansalone, Rodney Stewart, Penny Cousins Roberts, Gina Ezelle, Leah Welty, Matt Delligatti, and Suellen Lemley.  Vera, Rodney, Darlene, and Eddie have profiles on Facebook. 


Fairmont Senior High School Foundation, Inc.
Attention: Ed Cheslock, treasurer
PO Box 91
Fairmont WV  26555-0091



Mountain Rescue is OUT!

Hi all! I am excited to tell you that the third book in my Mountain Girl trilogy is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. These middle grade books are popular for their nostalgia and adventure. They tell the story of a girl coming of age on a farm in West Virginia and her efforts to help an uncle with Aspergers relate to the community and have a "normal" life. Miss Brown would be proud!

Fairmont does not claim to have nationalized or popularized Father's Day. Spokane Washington under Mrs. Sondra Dodd did. Fairmont is historically the site where the first Fathers Day Service was held on July 5, 1908, nearly two years before any other account.  See the story board by D.D. Meighen on the school website or on Facebook.

Diane Parker was kind, loving, thoughtful, funny (intentionally & unintentionally), gracious, smart & strong. She will be missed but has left a wonderful legacy in her children & grandchildren! Rest in peace, Gammy. Video created by Jill Carpenter Zundell.

? Music: OneRepublic - I Lived
Made with ?#‎flipagram?
Diane's book, Daddy's Ledger, is reviwed below and remains available for sale.

Diane Hutchinson Parker, a novice published writer, has maintained her father's mine ledger filled with newspaper articles, (many from The Fairmont Times and The West Virginian as well as state and national publications), family photos, and journals.  The 20" x 15" ledger provides a history of a family's entrepreneurship and the impact on an industry as revealed through meticulous documentation and a daughter's devotion to preserve the family history.  The explosive growth of the coal boom is lead by "Coal Baron" extraordinaire and family patriarch C. E. Hutchinson.

Mesmerized by the massive book when she first revealed the contents of the ledger, I remain fascinated by the intertwining of the family and the city of Fairmont--inextricably bonded through the economy and community philanthropy.  She writes her recollections as a collection of stories that are sometimes heartwarming, sometimes shocking, but always providing insight to one of the premier families of Fairmont.

With the birth of Diane and her early years at the castle, the readers experience a glimpse of the golden era at Sonnencroft, an icon of the city on Morgantown Avenue in the Palatine district of the Friendly City designed.  Built to replicate Inverness  Castle in Scotland, the beautiful structure and gorgeous gardens, lost during the Great Depression, was razed in the 1960s with property donated to the Marion County Board of Education.

Through legend and lore, Mrs. Parker recounts the family traditions and experiences of Clyde E. and Mary Lyda Hutchinson, Papa and Mammam to the family.

Diane's engrossing stories captivate me; I am convinced they will do the same for her readers.

Purchase the book at

Class of 1931

The Class of 1931 included 119 graduates – 64 women, and 55 men.  These graduates faced a challenging world, to be sure.  During their lifetimes, the “war to end all wars” had been fought in Europe – some lost fathers, uncles, grandfathers in service to their country.  All too soon, these alumni would also be asked to serve.

As their junior year began, the Class of ’31 witnessed the stock market crash.  Economic anxieties that would be known as the Great Depression had begun to take a toll.  The country was rocked by bank failures, rising unemployment and loss of confidence in President Hoover.

Given these troubles, motion pictures were popular diversions.  Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights and Bela Lugosi, as Dracula, entertained movie audiences that spring.  Babe Ruth dominated the sports pages.  The Star Spangled Banner became the country’s official National Anthem.  Just before their Commencement, the Empire State Building was completed.  

The lives of several 1931 alumni were cut tragically short.  John Brandt died of illness in June, 1931; Hascall Thompson was killed in a car crash in November, 1932.  Kenneth Connor died in May, 1933.  Childbirth and the war took several classmates during the next decade; but most members of the Class of 1931 went on to pursue education, careers, homes and family.
These alumni served as coal miners, glass workers, bookkeepers and sales clerks.  Quite a few class members continued their education – primarily at Fairmont State Teachers’ College and West Virginia University.  They became accountants, engineers and teachers.  George Randall joined the WV State Police.  Mason Reger managed apple orchards, applying his graduate degree in horticulture.  And the Class of 1931 boasts at least three physicians:  Honor S. Forte, Seigle W. Parks and Bliss K. Shafer.

At least 85 members of the Class (72%) became married.  The records show that in two cases, both the husband and wife were members of the Class of 1931.  Jack Fear and Lucile Rice wed in 1936, in Fairmont; Floyd Patton and Sarah (Sally) Prickett also married.

At least 17 members of the Class of 1931 engaged in military service, responding to the call for enlistment during World War II.  The service of First Lieutenant John Comuntzis ended in tragedy in the South Pacific; he was among prisoners killed by the Japanese upon the sinking of the Shinyo Maru in September, 1944.  James Romano earned a Bronze Star for his service, and rose to the rank of Colonel in the Army Reserve.  William Higinbotham retired as a Lieutenant Colonel at the end of his military career, and is interred at Arlington Cemetery.  

Many 1931 graduates continued to live in Fairmont and other parts of West Virginia.  Half a dozen each made their way to Florida, to Texas, to Virginia.  A few relocated across the country:  to the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast, the Midwest – even to the West Coast.

In spite of the challenging circumstances that the Class of 1931 encountered as they graduated from FSHS – or perhaps, because of them – these alumni forged productive, engaging lives.  You can read more about their stories through the Class Profile page on this site.  Some alumni have been more difficult to track.  We welcome your insights!  If you have information to share about any alumnus of the Class of 1931, please contact Carol Amos at

Researched and written by Anne Bomar

I have now published the book, "life in small bites - moments in time," and it can be found on in both soft cover and Kindle edition.

To find the e-book edition, you need to look search under the 'Kindle' tab on Amazon. This book is a collection of 50 or so entries that I thought provided life least for me.


Inline Image Not Displayed

A National Blue Ribbon School

 A West Virginia Exemplary School









A West Virginia School of Excellence

A Benedum Professional Development School

A 2007-2010 HSTW Pacesetter School

A 2008-2009 SWPBS "Exemplar" School

US News and World Report has ranked Fairmont Senior High School as the # 3 high school out of 128 high schools in the state. See article at

Fairmont Senior High School invites the community to visit the school on Monday, April 22, 2013 for an open house from 5-7.


Renovations at Fairmont Senior about to be unveiled

FAIRMONT — After more than two years of extensive, ongoing renovations, Fairmont Senior High School is almost ready to unveil its improvements.

- See more at:

Renovations at Fairmont Senior about to be unveiled

FAIRMONT — After more than two years of extensive, ongoing renovations, Fairmont Senior High School is almost ready to unveil its improvements.

- See more at:


US News and World Report has ranked Fairmont Senior High School as the # 3 high school out of 128 high schools in the state. See article at

FSHS awarded a Silver ranking by USNews



Amanda Oakes Shabatura--Polar Bear II from Pittsburgh Zoo



Fairmont Senior High School Fight Song



Amanda Oakes Shabatura shot video at Pittsburgh Zoo

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FSHS Class of 1963
West Fairmont Class of 1965
Fairmont Senior High School, Class of 1967
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1969
Fairmont Senior High School Class of '75
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1976
Fairmont Senior Class of 1978
FSHS Class of 1980
Fairmont Senior High Class of 1989
Fairmont Senior High School (WV) Class of 1990
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1991
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1992
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 1993
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 2000
Fairmont Senior High School Class of 2001
Polar Bear Wrestling Alumni
FSHS Choral Members REunite
Fairmont Senior High School Keywanettes
Fairmont Field Club – In memory of


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