how I got to Puerto Rico from Texas
Posted Sunday, July 25, 2010 04:33 PM

Well lets see, after Paschal I went to east Texas and attended Stephen F Austin. I did my best to cram 4 years of college into 6, in all fairness I worked and went to school at the same time. I stayed in Nacogdoches after I graduated got married and into the convenienve store business at the same time. The resession of the late 80s had a hard effect on economy in the area where we lived. Other circunstances(another story) made it very difficult to maintain the business soooo my wife decided that we would move to the Virgin Islands. I went first, landed on St Thomas and thought to myself there aint no way in hell Im gonna live here. My wife(1st ex) came down and we made the short trip to St Croix, the big island(27mi by 7mi) I hooked up with the golf pro at the Buccaneer hotel golf course and away we went. We set up house on St Croix in June of 89. Wellll Sept 17th along come Hurricane Hugo and totally destroyed St Croix. No power for nearly 3 months (we called it the camping trip from hell).Finally recovered from that, unfortunitily the marriage didnt. WEll at that point in time I had to get a real job so I went to work at the oil refinery there. and put in 5 yrs there. The EX and her new 3rd husband moved to Orlando for work. At the time my son was just 7yrs old and I felt that I would never get to see him so away I went to Florida(turned out to be not one of those good moves in life we make)soo in 99 I moved back to St Croix and back in the refinery at that point in time 50% of the refinery had been bought by Veneszuela(chavez wasnt in power at that time)well for the next nine years I pretty much worked all the time. I did have some time for sailing and golfing but for the most part especially the last 4 years was spent mostly inside the refinery. In Nov 08 circumstances came about and I took early retirement at which time I moved to PR. During 08 I had met a lady from PR and I thought what a good idea it would be to live in PR. Welll thats another one of those good ideas gone I like living in PR just the living situation didnt work out(2nd ex),,,,sooo here I am in PR...single again and thinkin where am I going next...maybe back to Florida or even back to Texas to complete the circle...that wasnt so