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•   Janice Gregg (Lyle)  3/21
•   Karen Lungren (Smith)  3/1
•   Bill Stoops  2/28
•   Katy Kram (Kram)  10/2
•   Dion Loveless  9/24
•   Jay Kelley  7/20
•   Tom Dunham  7/15
•   Marlene Hutchison (Brant)  4/20
•   Loren Pearcy  2/2
•   Butch/Eileen Eileen Esra (Huffer)  1/28
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•   Larry Hill (Class Of 61)  4/12
•   Diane Miller (Braswell)  4/17


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 47.2%

A:   59   Joined
B:   66   Not Joined

Frankfort Indiana Senior High School
Class Of 1959

Welcome to the Frankfort Indiana Class of 1959 Web Site


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Just got notice on a Facebook post that Jim Tunis died. It triggered a memory of a bunch of us driving to some cave are in southern Indiana in spring of our senior year Not sure how many but I remember Jim's old Studebaker. Believe it included Larry Weimer, Gary Waddell and Jay Scott
Anyone else remember this? Jim's gonna be missed. Losing too many too soon.

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Marilyn Lenhart got the following message from Annabelle Weaver Smith. She has carried Dutch Gunyon's legacy more than anyone I know. At any rate, I feel that it is worth sharing with the class. She lives in TX. Dutch would be so pleased.

“you have been Dutched” has another new member down here. I got caught sneaking some bus passes into the senior citizens mail boxes – I didn’t know they had a video camera in the lobby!
Anyway, the manager came and talked with me and now we have a new member and her husband has joined. He manages a local grocery H.E.B., which is like Krogers or an A & P. He has started bringing over “goodies” and putting them outside the doors on his way into the store each morning. They are waking up to fresh muffins. Not every day of the week, but last week he was there four days. This is 48 apartments. This home is for the elderly on a very limited income. He printed up little cards in each bag is “you have been Dutched” printed on a little card. Now each time we are there we hear the buzz about who is this Dutch and the speculations are great to hear!


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1958 -administrator, Bill Stoops
1960 -administrator, Lynda Clark Laughner


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"All hail to dear ole Frankfort, to the blue and the white that floats upon the breeze.

 All hail to dear ole Frankfort, and all her happy memories.

Three cheers to dear ole Frankfort, and may her glory never, never die.Long may we love her, our Alma Mater, Frankfort High"


 We all took different paths....

But every dirt road we’ve walked will lead us back to the friends that knew us best.

The ones that will help you up & slap the dust off,without being asked.
~ T. Warne